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ODINIA (Plains of)

Location: Continent of Brun, east of Alpha, near the entrance to the Great Bay. NW

Area: 1,196 sq. mi. (3,095 sq. km.).

Population: Animals and beasts only. Some humanoids dwelling in the foothills near the southern border.

Languages: Goblin, Draconic.

Coinage: None.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: None.

Industries: Mining (gold).

Important Figures: None.

Flora and Fauna: Odinia has marshes on its western shores, while a great valley extends from the northern shores to the southern foothills. The southeastern borders touch the northern tip of the Wyrmsteeth. No real herds exist in Odinia because of the frequent dragon and wyvern raids on cattle, although fish abound in the Great Bay. Great evergreen sequoias, pines and oaks rise mightily in the foothills and in the lower parts of the Wyrmsteeth.

Further Reading: CM1 Test of the Warlords, previous almanacs.

Description by Adik de Chevas and Arcadius.

Once a proud and industrious nation, Odinia is now a deserted plain shadowed by the nearby Wyrmsteeth Range, with all its draconic inhabitants. Odinia's territory now comprises the lowlands going from the foothills of the Wyrmsteeth to the south to the shores of the Great Bay to the north. This vast valley, known as Wiudental, consists of many farmlands and a small trait of marshes and bogs in the western part of Odinia's coasts. This area has a unique feature found nowhere else throughout Norwold and the Old World: it's called wattenmeer. When the ebb comes, the water recedes, leaving a big chunk of the Great Bay seafloor exposed. As long as the flow doesn't come, people can walk and ride in this area [which stretches up to 8 miles from the coastline. Arcadius.] freely and without danger. But one must know exactly when it's time to return to the safe land, since when flow comes, the sea returns to occupy its former position all of a sudden. Wattenmeer can be deadly if one doesn't reach the koog in time. Koog is an Heldannic word that indicates that part of the coast which has been wrested away from the wattenmeer and the bogs, separated from the sea by a dam and then reclaimed and cultivated. The Heldanners that used to live here used koog for hundred years, building dams with earth, rocks, sandbags and mud.

The southern border of Odinia consists of forested hills and mountains that belong to the Wyrmsteeth Range. They are lush with evergreens and thick underbrush, a real paradise for every forest druid [actually a druid's cove does exist somewhere in these woods. Adik.]. However, the close proximity of the Wyrmsteeth makes these foothills dangerous to live in. The few settlements here before disaster struck in AC 1016 were mining villages who dug out gold and precious gemstones from the Wyrmsteeth's slopes. The dragons of Wyrmsteeth now rule over these slopes and mines, and use some humanoid clans to mine out the gold for their personal hoards.