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Oghriz Weapons

by Gilles Leblanc

Oghriz War Axe

Damage : 1d10
Cost : 18 gp
Enc ( cn ) : 100
Notes : L

Cost : 16 gp
Weight : 16
Size : L
Type : S
Speed Factor : 9
Damage : 1d10 / 1d12

The Oghriz war axe is a stout 5' long wooden shaft with a double bladed metal head. The end of the shaft is often mounted with a 6" metal spike which can deliver 1d3 points of damage. This version of the weapon is commonly found in the hands of town dwellers and some nomads. Nomads sometime carry a version made with bone which has a -1 to damage penalty and does not feature the metal spike. The Oghriz can use this weapon one handed ( with a -1 penalty to hit ) or two-handed. Humans most use it two-handed and find it unwieldy ( -1 to hit penalty ). Dwarves and halfling cannot use the weapon.

Oghriz Scourge

Damage : 1d6
Cost : 4 gp
Enc ( cn ) : 25
Notes : M

Cost : 5 gp
Weight : 4
Size : M
Type : -
Speed Factor : 7
Damage : 1d6 / 1d4

This resemble a normal human-sized scourge ( a cat of nine tails with barbs running along each whip instead of only at the tip ) except it is much larger and bigger. The barbs alongside the whips are made of sharpened bones and teeth. This is a vile weapon known to inflict grievous wounds.

Oghriz Great Sword

Damage : 1d12
Cost : 25 gp
Enc ( cn ) : 125
Notes : L, 2H

Cost : 65 gp
Weight : 20
Size : L
Type : S
Speed Factor : 11
Damage : 1d12 / 3d6

This is the Oghriz version of the two-handed sword. It is not useable by humans or most creature of medium size. The sword must be used as a two handed weapon by the Oghriz. The blade is often crude and dented, resulting in less cutting power. This is balanced by the blade weight and length and by the strength of the Oghriz.