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Ogdoban Treel

by David Paige

Before he supplanted of the Master of Hule, he was forming his plan to protect the NoS. He knew that he needed allies (pawns really) to accomplish his goals. He sought powerful mortals and items that might be suitable for his goals. During his journeys, Treel discovers a large ruby with many dark creatures gathered to it. Treel also notes the large number of orcs that seem to be drawn to the area. Vanquishing the creatures and claiming the ruby, Treel discovers the malevolent spirit within the ruby. An ancient evil communicating through the ruby from somewhere beyond this plane of existence. When the ruby fails to dominate the will of Treel, Treel turns the tables. He learns of the dark force's history and desire to escape his prison. The creature was Arik, a banished dark Immortal from ancient times.

Treel found a useful tool in both the ruby and an imprisoned Immortal. Treel learns that Arik has only been successful in getting a small number of his "eyes" into this world. Treel recognises the strange properties of the ruby, or Eyes of Arik, to attract "dark" creatures to the Eye, especially Orc and Goblins. Perfect. Treel sets about collecting the other Eyes. He will use them for creating and controlling armies of Orc.

During one of his quests for an Eye, Treel confronts a small group of Wizards that was protecting a rather large Eye of Arik (and turns out to be the largest one on Mystara). Still not wanting to attract Immortal attention, Treel had to confront these wizards in Mortal form. Treel was defeated, but not without killing some of these meddling wizards. The strongest of the wizards, Agamotto, a great Diviner, learned that Treel was beyond mortal stature, but not learning his true Immortal nature. Agamotto thought, incorrectly, that Treel was some demon from the Lower Planes. Agamotto joined forces with two other of the greatest wizards of that time, Hoggoth and Oshtur, to stop Treel from gaining the Eye of Arik that they possessed and protected. In response to the many attempts by Treel, Agamotto created two artifacts dedicated to the combat of Treel: The Eye of Agamotto and the Orb of Agamotto. The Eye acts as a powerful Gem of True Sight (with other powers), but most importantly, the eye emits a light that drives(Turns?) Treel away. The Orb on the other hand has vast powers of detection, particularly detecting great Mystical sources and gateways to other planes. Also, the three wizards combined efforts to create a tome of great Lawful magic, the Tome of the Vashanti. The three wizards were then known as the Vashanti, almost completely losing their individual identities.

Despite the great power that the Vashanti possessed, Treel was eventually successful in gaining the Eye of Arik that the Vashanti possessed. With time, these three mortals succumbed to death, but not without leaving a legacy. These great devices compelled it's owner to seek and confront Chaotic Mystical Imbalances. Even worse, these mortals had a nasty habit of finding Treel. The Eye of Agamotto was particularly hounding Treel and his plans. These items, especially the Eye, always seemed to find it's way into the hands of the most powerful Lawful wizard on Mystara. Soon, the Eye of Agamotto became a badge, marking that individual as the most powerful wizard in Mystara. This mark of Sorcerer Supreme was not a well known title, only very powerful wizards and kings knew of the Eye and the special status that it meant.

Despite the continuous threat of the Vashanti, Treel's plans were going forward. Also, the Immortals were still not aware of Treel. The Immortals thought, if they even gave it a second thought, that the Vashanti was just a group of Lawfuls that were dedicated to combating Chaos. And now the "protégé of the Vashanti" were continuing their work. There were certainly other Fiends that confronted the Vashanti besides Treel, Treel just became "lost in the crowd."

So now Treel had most of the Eyes of Arik, at least enough to accomplish his goals. As an experiment and a means of eliminating a potential threat, Treel guides a group of dwarfs to find a small Eye of Arik. This Eye of Arik is what is the focus on the adventure (B3) Palace of the Silver Princes. One important aspect of the B3 adventure and should be noted: Arik wants to be free and Treel is not doing as he has promised. Arik is working very hard to have his clerics find his other Eyes and find a way for his release.

Treel has gathered a few mortal wizard agents. One of his most loyal is Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo of Blackhill in Glantri (obviously pre-WotI). Baron Mordo keeps Treel informed about the goings on in Glantri and will act as an insider for when things start going into full swing. One of Baron Mordo's important tasks is to communicate and deal with the humanoids of the Broken Lands. Mordo has a small Eye of Arik, but is still finding difficulty with his tasks. Treel is growing impatient with Baron Mordo. Mordo also runs missions to defeat whomever is the current Vashanti thrall(s).

Treel has also bound another agent into his service. After the events of (X11) Saga of the Shadow Lord, Treel has empowered the Shadow Lord into his bidding (depending on the outcome of X11, Treel either rescues/heals/resurrects the Shadow Lord). The Shadow Lord's main task is to build a vast army to march south and crush Wendar and Heldann. Treel wants these countries occupied with the Shadow Lord's armies so that they can not help Glantri against Hule's forces. The Shadow Lord was given a very large Eye of Arik to aid him in his task.

One thing that the Shadow Lord discovers through research into the Eye of Arik, is one of Arik's legacy. With all of the crimes that Arik committed, the one act that prompted his banishment was an act against dragons. Arik created a means to corrupt good dragon eggs to create evil dragon humanoids. These Draconians were part of a great army that marched against men and elves long ago, in histories forgotten, even by most of the elves. Arik was defeated and banished for his foul deeds and the remaining Draconians were placed into a mystic stasis, never to be woken again. But the Eye of Arik, their creators, could possibly reverse the stasis. Now the Shadow Lord can have a greater army than just mere orcs. He would have the power to crush Wendar beneath his heel.

By this time, Treel has taken control of Hule. To build a greater army, his priests are "breeding" Thoul to bolster their strength. Soon he will make his move to wipe out Glantri and secure the Nucleus of the Spheres.

Scene: The Private Inner chamber of the Master of Hule. Sitting in a throne, a being dressed in dark cloak and robes. A curious hood that resembles an open, fanged mouth, cradles a head wreathed in mystical flame. The face, no longer human, is fiery mass of pure mystical energy. He contemplates dark deeds and plots that are moving forward with frightening speed. The being turns to another, the only other, in the room. A man, looking old and withered, suspended from the floor by dark, shadowy tendrils that reach form the darkness of the room itself. The man is not aware of his surroundings, lost in an apparent, painful dream. With a voice that rumbles from the pits of the Abyss, the fiery being speaks to the dreaming man, "Soon, soon we shall have action to plans long planted in the ground. Soon will be the harvest of the Orc, my faithful companion."

The man jerks and twitches, quite unaware of what the Being is saying.

"After Glantri, my armies will continue on it's march until crops grow tall from the human blood soaked ground. Soon all of Mystara will learn to fear the Orc. Soon, all will learn to fear Treel, even the Immortals themselves."

So Treel has a plan together to secure the NoS by first wiping out Glantri and then continuing Eastward: The forces of Hule, heavily bolstered by Thoul warriors, will march into Darokin and then turn their forces into Glantri. The Shadow Lord's forces will march into Wendar and Undead forces will march along the Naga river into Heldann until the Wendar forces can join them. Baron Mordo is trying to secure the forces of Thar and the Broken Lands to push East and North to occupy Alfheim and Ethengar. The forces of Thar are really just needed to run amok and prevent reinforcements from reaching Glantri, which is all that Treel trusts the chaotic forces of Thar to accomplish.

Once he has Glantri secure, Treel will have an impressive front to march east. His next step is to march through Ethengar and make his way into the Northern Lands. From there Treel will march south into Ylaruam. When his forces march south from the Northern Lands, Treel also plans to march West from Darokin to push through the Shires and Karameikos. Treel wants to have all of the other countries in control before he attempts to attack Thyatis. Treel is also going to ignore Rockhome. He knows that the Dwarves are too well armed and the terrain is in the Dwarves favour. As long as Treel does not attack Rockhome he is hoping the Dwarves will keep to themselves.

So that is Treel's plans, but what about his pawns? What are their motivations and goals during all of this? Treel's major servants are The Shadow Lord, The imprisoned Immortal Arik, a powerful Glantri Wizard Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo. There are a few more, but these are Treel's "inner circle". Lets start with Treel's most powerful lieutenant, The Shadow Lord.

Treel has been recruiting Landryn Teriak before the events of X11 (Saga of the Shadow Lord). It was actually Treel that was the "dark power" that gave Teriak the WISH that ultimately corrupted Teriak into the Wraith Lord. Teriak enjoys his new power, but despises Treel for the manipulation. Teriak also does not want to be a mere pawn, he wants to be the boss. Treel as promised The Shadow Lord complete dominion over all land except Glantri City, which only makes The Shadow Lord want the city even more. He will really covet it once he discovers the Radiance. The ironic part is that Treel is sincere about giving the world to the Shadow Lord. Treel is not interested in control of the world, he just wants to secure the NoS from being used. If the Shadow Lord will play along, he will truly rule the world. Of course, Teriak's ego will not let him play along with Treel's plans.

Currently the Shadow Lord is gathering his forces strengths. The Shadow Lord is searching for a few things before he can launch a full scale attack. First he is looking for the Blackstick (the artifact in X11) so that he can control his Undead forces into Heldann.

Teriak is also looking for his Master Ring so that he can control all of the people that have Rings of Servitude (another magic item(s) found in X11). With Treel's manipulation, the Rings now can dominate people from 10th level and under. Any character or NPC above 10th level can still have their minds read, but can not be controlled. But this can only happen with the Master Ring in his possession. Many Rings of Servitude have made their way into the hands of kings, generals, and other powerful people across the Known World because they are disguised as other types of magical rings. Some rings are also signet rings that are passed from King to King. The Shadow Lord really covets his Master Ring.

The last thing the Shadow Lord is seeking is the prison for the Draconians that Arik created before the Great Rain of Fire. According to the memory of Arik, there are legions of Draconians. This would give him an instant army that the forces of Wendar are not prepared for. Ironically, the prison is within the borders of Denagoth. This is the evil presence that has permeated the land for so long. The Shadow Lord is going to search all over the Known World before he finds out that his goal has been in his backyard the entire time. One interesting note is that Treel does not know about the Draconians. The Shadow Lord has kept this a secret and is key to his plots.

The Shadow Lord's ultimate plan is to have his forces to march into Glantri and Heldann, just as Treel plans. But once he secures Wendar, the Shadow Lord plans to turn his forces against the Hule forces in Darokin. The Shadow Lord is hoping that the forces of Hule will be weakened against the formidable Darokin and should be easily beaten with the Draconians and Undead.

The Shadow Lord has a temporary alliance with Arik. They both share the hatred of Treel for their positions in this scheme. Arik is hoping that the Shadow Lord will find a way to free him. The Shadow Lord has no real intentions of doing this, but he is researching how to do it. This is the Shadow Lord's "doomsday" plan. If Treel attacks him, he plans on releasing Arik so that the two Immortals will attack each other, allowing The Shadow Lord to escape.