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Other Historical Dead NPC's

by Giulio Caroletti

Slyzaar Mantreikon (AD&D Bard 12, N)

Karameikan adventurer. He was one of the three adventurers to find casually the Pyramid of Cynidicea. After the dangerous experience in the

Pyramid, he returned to his home city Specularum and settled down to spend the rest of his life working as a professional musician, but was killed after an incident in the Black Lily at the young age of 32. [More on Slyzaar Mantreikon and the Pyramid of Cynidicea in the upcoming MML file: The Legend of Zargon, the Great Lizard]

Antares (Eulan Bannaker) (AD&D Cleric 14, LN(E))

Eulan Bannaker was born in Tel Akbir in 973. He became a cleric of Opal and spent several years adventuring. In 996 he and his company, known as the Company of the Seven Stars (thus the nickname Antares), discovered a secret sect that revered the Great Lizard Sark'Hn, a mysterious being known to dwell in an ancient temple that they wanted to free to lead them to savage destruction. The Seven Stars managed to kill most of the cultists, but someone survived and reformed the order in 1002.

By that year, five of the Seven Stars had lost contact with the other four, so Antares and his friend Altair were the only ones to remain in charge of the slaying of the sect. Antares contacted a small group of adventurers to help him, and they finally killed the sect's members in an epic battle in 1003. Probably, though, not even that time all were killed, because Antares' head and hands were sent to Altair in 1008, with a message written with his blood that told: 'Now free'.