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The Clan Domain of Oland

by Jacob Skytte

Oland is a large domain, making up the western part of Kalslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains one clear hex, eight hexes of hills, and five hexes of forested hills. The land is rocky, and grows increasingly barren as you near the western coast. The entire western coastline is rocky sea cliff, which makes landing a ship practically impossible. A few large fishing villages lie at the northern bays, and several farming communities can be found in the clear land. In the hills are scattered communities, among them several monasteries dedicated to Frey and Freyja. Sheep graze upon the stony upland. Lumber is sufficient in this domain, since settlements are primarily built with stone. Foreigners are not welcome in the barren lands of Oland, and may well be taken as thralls. Ostlanders are expected to leave gifts for those who provide shelter for them. Clan Oland mostly raids the Alphatian half of the Isle of Dawn.

Head of Domain: Jarl Ottar the Swimmer is ruler of Oland. His great hall is called Abisko.

Population: 9000 people call Oland their home. Of these 1600 are thralls, 4500 are non-warrior freemen, and 1400 are warriors. The remaining 1500 live in the monasteries, and are godar of Frey and Freyja or their servants and followers. 4000 people are armed and able in combat.


Abisko is a fishing village of 480 inhabitants. It lies at the bay called Klippely (Rocky Shelter) on the northern coast. The great hall of jarl Ottar the Swimmer is a low stone building designed by a dwarf. It is very defensible, and has a house guard of 75 warriors. The remaining villagers are fishermen, who live to provide for the jarl and his men.


The ancient monastery Sorteklippe (Black Rock) is home to the highest-ranking godar of Frey and Freyja in Ostland. It lies on top of the desolate cliffs along the western shore. 300 people live in the monastery. Their leader is Eystein the White, favoured of Frey. The monastery is closed to all outsiders, and only servants may enter its grounds. Beneath the monastery lie ancient tombs of early Ostland kings; these are kept closely under guard, since they contain dangerous undead and plundering them is considered sacrilege.

Ottar the Swimmer

Chaotic 8th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 9, Wis 7, Dex 15, Con 16, Cha 11, AC 3, hp 54)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 5/15, Courageous/Fearful 16/4, Energetic/Lazy 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-minded 14/6

43 years old, Blond hair and beard, Blue eyes

Ottar Thorarinson is a fellow with no ambitions, who happened to be the only son of the previous jarl. When his father died six years ago, he assumed rule of the clan. He exerts complete authority over the village of Abisko, but is uninterested in what goes on in the rest of his domain. He is an ally of jarl Thorir the Wealthy of Ostmanland, but mostly because he thinks that king Hord Dark-Eye would seize his lands if he didn't have any allies. The cults of Frey and Freyja do not hold any power over him, nor he over them, which is fine by Ottar, so long as they keep to themselves, which they certainly do.

Ottar lives entirely in the moment, and is ruled by impulse, so may suddenly decide to stage a raid, go fishing, or visit the king's court, then decide otherwise the following day, since he really didn't feel like doing that after all. If there's any complaining among his men, he'll settle that in a traditional bout of holmgang, which he always wins. He enjoys raiding, battle, women, and alcohol, though not necessarily in that order. He gained his nickname, when he swam (or drifted) all the way to Oland from Vestland, when his longship was destroyed during a raid.

In battle Ottar wears scale mail+2 called "Vidunderskæl" (Wondrous Scale), and wields a battle axe+1. He is unmarried, but has several children, among them Asa the Slender (20), Svan Ottarson (16), and Hallkel Ottarson (14), all with different mothers.

Asa (Lawful F2; Courageous/Fearful 14/6, Energetic/Lazy 13/7, Loyal/Unreliable 15/5) is a beautiful young woman, who has inherited her father's restlessness, but not his selfishness. She recently married Horik the Broad-Shouldered, and is pregnant with her first child. Ottar has yet to fully come to terms with giving up his daughter to another man.

Svan (Lawful C1 of Freyja; Peaceful/Violent 16/4, Reverent/Godless 15/5, Loyal/Unreliable 14/6) has just entered the priesthood of Freyja, and has locked himself away in a monastery. He was always a shy and withdrawn boy, so it's unlikely that he will be missed.

Hallkel (Chaotic F1; Modest/Proud 6/14, Peaceful/Violent 4/16, Forgiving/Vengeful 4/16) is a spoiled brat, who thinks that his position as the jarl's son should give him all kinds of benefits. He has a healthy respect for his father and his older sister, who have often put him in his place, but bullies all those that are weaker than him. He is very strong and big for his age.

Eystein the White

Lawful 21st level Cleric of Frey (Str 5, Int 16, Wis 16, Dex 4, Con 5, Cha 17, AC 11, hp 33)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 16/4, Modest/Proud 7/13, Reverent/Godless 18/2, Honest/Deceitful 13/7, Dogmatic/Open-minded 14/6

82 years old, White hair, Milky white eyes (blind)

In his youth Eystein was a proud and reckless godi of Frey. He travelled the Northern Reaches in a party of adventurers that righted wrongs and did much good in the lands. He fell in love with one of his companions and they planned to marry. Then disaster happened. Servants of Hel, assassins that live to further the cause of Hel, wiped out the entire party in an ambush. Eystein managed to fight the poison coursing through his body and survived, though it cost him his sight, which has proven impossible to return through magical means. Physically and emotionally broken, he found his way back to Ostland, where he settled in Sorteklippe. It took many years before he was able to come to terms with his losses, and during these years he subjected himself to the ceremonial "deaths" of Rune knowledge several times. In time he found that he had gained powers and insight surpassing that of his peers, and he served for several years as adviser to the highest-ranking godar of Frey and Freyja. Eventually he was himself promoted to the highest rank, and has been High Priest and favoured of Frey for two and a half decades.

Eystein is a strong force for good in Ostland; he opposes injustice and tyranny behind the scenes. He will often dispatch younger members of the priesthood to fight wrongs. However, he is very careful when sending agents into dangerous situations, afraid to lose them. He cares much for the individual, and is likely to do his utmost to save a single person, rather than make sacrifices for the benefit of the many. Over the years, Eystein has come to suspect that Clan Romaland is a base for the Servants of Hel. He is not aware of their organisation or leadership, though he suspects jarl Hygelac the Doubter of being their High Priest. He is very careful in his investigations, due to the jarl's hatred of all priests.

During his time at the monastery, Eystein has served as mentor for many aspiring godar of Frey, among them Rognvald the Raven, jarl of Kalsloviki, whom he considers almost a son. He is very proud of him. In fact pride might be Eystein's only serious shortcoming. He expects to be treated with the utmost respect, and may bear grudges against those who fail to do so. Eystein has not married or even dared to love another, since the loss of his first love. He is very bitter and disillusioned with love.

Eystein is old and can no longer be expected to fight. He wears only robes and carries a staff of withering called "Ælde" (Age), which he uses to support himself. He wears an amulet of protection from crystal balls and ESP called "Øjets Død" (Death of the Eye), a scarab of protection, and a ring of safety called "Hjemve" (Homesick). He is also an accomplished spell caster and knows several Runes, which may aid him. Eystein never leaves Sorteklippe, and is always within shouting range of several people, who will willingly give their lives to save him from danger.