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Old Alphatia History

by Francesco Defferrari

OAY 0 It was after the war between Immortals and Draedens that the world of Alphatia was inhabited. Or at least inhabited by humans, 'cause Alphatia was for many century before a Draeden's stronghold. One of their most important magic stronghold and a centre of study. No one knows who creates humans. Some says that humans are lesser immortal, killed in the war and reincarnated. Others says that they are the result of magical experiment of the Draeden with apes. A legend tell that Alphatians were, during the war, lesser immortal to which the Draeden gave bodies, so that their souls will be not lost in the universe. And that lesser immortals call themselves Alphatians, the firsts. The firsts to knows the evil and the errors of the immortal. So they fought for the Draeden, and during the war were divided in six troops. Air, Fire, Spirit, Water, Earth, Chaos. When the war ends they went in the planet of Alphatia (closed to gods for his strong magic shield) with a few surviving dragons. And they founded the six nations.

Atlanta, the air nation. Inhabited by white people with black air. Lords of the winds, friends of the dragons. Builders of flying ships and great philosophers.

Cypra, the fire nation. Inhabited by red people with red hair. Fire wizards and great artists.

Minoia, the spirit nation. Inhabited by black people with black hair. The lords of the souls, the keepers of the promise. And the promise was to refuse war forever.

Pelasgia, the water nation. Inhabited by olive skin people with brown hair.

The lords of the tides, builders of the underwater domes and watchers of Time.

Gaia, the earth nation. Inhabited by yellow skin people with dark brown hair. Builders of the greatest architecture of Alphatia, keepers of the Crystals.

Esperia, the chaos nation. Inhabited by white people with red hair. Jokers, madmen, tinkers, openers of the roads.

Many century passed by, and the six nations lived in peace. Minoia was the central nation, where the promise has been sworn by all Alphatians. The promise of eternal peace. OAY 903 But not all in Alphatia loved peace. A philosophers school in Atlanta began to debate that the promise of peace was an obstacle for the improvement of the nations. They said that thought was superior than spirit. They said that no new thought born in eternal peace. In a matter of two century that philosophy became predominant in Atlanta. Akherib, chief of the school of improvement, decided to force Minoians to change. So in OAY 1101 he and others powerful wizards of the school opened a portal between the plane of entropy and Syba, capital of Minoia. An horde of fiends invaded Minoia, and the spirit magic of the Minoians prove little effective against them. Some Minoians wanted to use destructive magic against the fiends, but Radamas, the lord of the spirit, spoke against the use of the violence. "We have been created to be warriors, puppets for the games of the gods.- he said- never we will be free if to live we became once more slaves to the war". So Minoians used only spirit magic, and were all slaughtered by the fiends. But the dragons of Alphatia heard of the tragedy of Minoia. Them and troops from Esperia fought back the fiends and threw them in their home plane. But all Minoians were dead, except for thousand children the dragons saved. After the battle Istron, lord of all the dragons, went to Atlanta and killed Akherib and all the wizards who opened the portal. And then he said "You have betrayed the promise, Atlantians. From that day never a dragon will be your friend. From that day, nothing you'll have but war." And so the dragons leaved Atlanta, never to return.

The destruction of Minoia destroyed the spirit of Esperia. Esperians, always been chaotics but goods and cheerfuls, began to fear entropic powers and fiends, and seeks ways to fight and control them. With the passage of time they developed a grim philosophy of despair and decadence, and started to practise necromancy and dangerous fiend summoning. The nation of Esperia collapsed in divided schools and power struggles. In the meanwhile the earth wizards of Gaia, enraged by the betrayal, started a war against Atlanta, aided by some troops from Cypra. Pelasgia remained neutral. The war lasted 500 years. At the beginning Atlanta seemed doomed, but Gaians failed to conquer the capital of Atlanta, and when Arshabaal began to lead Atlantians troops, the fortunes of war changed. In OAY 1598 Arshabaal sacked Daka, capital of Gaia, and killed Dushutt, archmage of the inner circle of the earth wizards. So the war was over. Atlanta had not the strength to conquer Gaia, but in a matter of a few years Gaia collapsed in numerous little kingdoms.

Atlanta became more aggressive and warlike, and in the subsequent years conquered different territories from the scattered kingdoms (remains of Gaia and Esperia) and Pelasgia.

Then, in OAY 1657 Atlanta attacked Cypra. In that times three different philosophy struggled in Cypra. The Fire Wizards were warlike mages like Atlantians. The pure flames were artists and pacifists. The storm of fire was the faction of the Cypris empress, and they wanted the destruction of Atlanta. In the battle of the painful flames Fire wizards betrayed Inemkar, general of the Cypris and chief of the storm of fire. Inemkar died and the Cypris army was destroyed. The empress Tibira asked the pure flame to fight for Cypra. They refused, and so the empress and her last faithful followers escaped in the plane of fire. For one hundred years the Atlantian empire grows at the expense of little Esperians and Gaians little kingdoms, and in the meanwhile the Cypris culture began to absorb Atlantians.

In OAY 1803 the emperor Atlaman VII decided it was the time to conquer Pelasgia. After a few years Atlantians have conquered the most of the thousand islands of Pelasgia, but were unable to conquer the mighty underwater cities. So the emperor ordered to destroy the cities. Air and Fire wizards together create an underwater earthquake who killed millions and destroyed Ahura, the capital of Pelasgia. The surviving citizens of the underwater cities were forced to live in the islands, and only one underwater city was rebuilt under imperial supervision. But Ectiamnia, queen of Pelasgia, was still alive. With a last powerful spell she sacrificed herself to avenge Pelasgia. An hurricane hit the imperial palace, killing Atlaman and many others, and a tremendous seaquake ravaged the coastline of the Atlantians empire, and killed millions. The war was over, and for a tremendous price Pelasgia was now a province of the Atlantian empire. Most of the water magic prohibited, their nation conquered and destroyed, the Pelasgian culture began to fade in a bitter fatalism. The last warlike emperor was Thinallion III, who in 2043 OAY decided to conquer the scattered kingdoms of Gaia, resistant to a full Atlantian conquest since 1000 years. The queen Enkara of the kingdom of Tlaka tried to unite the scattered Gaians kingdoms, but was defeated and killed in the battle of the tears of stone. The greatest earth wizards of Gaia fled in the plane of earth, refusing to swear loyalty to the Atlantian emperor. The war against Gaia were the last great war for many years, until in OAY 2760 the empress Atiallia decided to conquer the Esperian kingdoms, to stop the practice of necromancy and fiend summoning.

To defends themselves Esperian mages used tremendous black magic, who killed many invaders and many Esperians as well. At last nevertheless they were defeated and Esperia became the last province of the empire. Atiallia was remembered like a great empress, who bring peace and justice in every corner of the empire. During his reign exploration of other planes and planet began peacefully.

Between OAY 2945 and OAY 3820, the so called "time of the new conquest", Atlantians conquered the three inhabited planet of their solar system (one inhabited by a race of fire dwarves, one inhabited by gaseous form creatures, one inhabited by intelligent insectlike creatures), one demiplane inhabited by winged bull and sphinxes and different nations in the plane of air and the plane of flame. Tlalphalion VI founded the Alphatian confederacy in OAY 3321. Most of time, being now the Cypris culture dominant, conquests were a lot less sanguinary than the wars against the other Alphatian nations.

After OAY 4000 the decadence of the great empire began. Zzonga addiction and pointless philosophical debating became frequent, and slowly the empire began to lose its strength.

In OAY 4480 were the first rebellion of the fire dwarves planet, who leads the empire to an hundred years of warfare and to the independence of the planet. In OAY 4750 all the colonies were free or maintained only feeble ties with the empire. In OAY 4830 began the quarrel between followers of flame and followers of air. The war between the two sects destroyed the planet of Alphatia in OAY 5030. Air wizard, mostly of Atlantian or Cypris descent, came to Mystara. Fire wizards, mostly of Cypris stock with a little of Esperian stock, came to Mystara much later. Earth and Water magic survived in Alphatia, but much fewer than in the old empire. And so Esperian black magic (blackheart). But most of the Gaian, Pelasgian and Esperian people, who were much less numerous than Cypris and Atlantians, were the innocent victims of the war. Being most of them not followers of air nor followers of flame, were left behind to die with the planet during the apocalypse. Some Gaians escaped in the plain of earth where they encountered their brothers living there from the times of queen Enkara. Some Pelasgians escaped in the plane of water. Some Esperians in the plane of entropy. But most of them died with the planet.

Alphatian colonist in the other planets and in other planes, mostly of Cypris descent, were banished from their homes after the destruction of the empire. They rallied on the gaseous form creatures planet, then inhabited the asteroid belt. Here they have been joined by the Cypris followers of the flame empress in OAY 5760 (AY 730). Together they have founded the new Cypris empire, always in war with the fire dwarves (fire dwarves are a warlike race). It's possible that also Gaians and Pelasgians founded or will found kingdoms in the asteroid belt of Alphatia, now that Atlantian went away with their curse. Esperians are mostly a corrupted culture and live in the plane of entropy. The thousand Minoian children saved by dragons are now immortal who try to bring peace to the multiverse. (They are not gods but a kind of powerful secret society, and friends of dragons).