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The Old Abandoned Mill

by Anthony Bird

The old abandoned grain mill* that was built by gnomes as a favor for the people of Threshold.

Underneath the mill was a small structure that was built by hands that were not mortal. Rot and mold quickly set in on any grain and flour that was milled and so given up.

Now, decades later, vermin and large insects creep and slither forth to plague the neighborhood.

*(as opposed to a saw mill as would be expected for Threshold, and there was one that was abandoned as a troll thrashed his way in. "Brave" adventurers surrounded the place, dragged a catapult towards it, hurled barrels of oil then shot numerous fire arrows and fireballs at the mill, because bravery. Weapons laws were passed after this)

So the idea is that mule trains or porters run bags of grain up the north ramp to the little grain elevators (6.). The three tier wheel drives those and runs them upstairs. Mill workers would then empty the grains into the chutes where workers down below bag up the flour. The porters leave out the south ramp. Finished flour then leaves out the double doors to the west.

The second floor map also shows the gangways to the wheels. There are trap doors to their interiors for maintenance on the mechanisms, though only really halflings (or more to the point, gnomes) can fit in them.

Here, under the mill, is where the corruption comes from. In rooms that weren't built by mortal hands is a monolith...