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Old Lhomarr

by Geoff Gander

We've got some good ideas going here, so perhaps it's time to impose a little order on the creative chaos so that I can start to distill a product out of it.

Geographical Overview
-A map! (24 mile hex probably, then work down to 8).
-Prose description of regions (The Sunlit Peaks, The Shattered Plain, The Great Trench, a few more).

-Aquarendi (2 groups: 1st group arrived before the GRoF, the 2nd afterwards - each has different Immortal patrons and a very different outlook on the world)
-Tritons/Merrow (we can place some of the much-discussed-but-never-detailled "Sea Kingdoms" from the old Master Boxed Set map here)
-Hresha-rhak (my take on the Deep Ones - whole cities of them)
-[I think one more race would do it]
-...and lots of undead (some intelligent)

I don't want to use devilfish for this region - they're well established elsewhere and I want this region to be markedly different from the Sunlit Sea and environs.

Immortals and Other Powerful Beings
-Protius (senior Immortal who would have been around when Lhomarr sank, knows about the old battles against the Carnifex and has a vested interest in ensuring the Outer Beings don't gain a toehold here).
-Rafiel (interested in the Aquarendi - sees an opportunity for them to develop in new and interesting ways, and given his techie background he would be interested in the Lhomarrian artefacts, which all predate him).
-Ixion (he has a temple with followers here, probably containing items important to him, but he won't really get involved unless said temple is directly threatened).
-The Outer Beings (who are aware of this place and just might become interested enough to notice that proverbial icon on their desktop, "PrimePlaneInvasion.exe", which they miniaturised millennia ago).
-Galhossian (dead, but not gone and still powerful)
-[any others?]

New Monsters
-[In your heart, you know we need some]

Treasures/Unique Items
-Places of interest (the Emperor's Vault, the Great Temple of Xeron, and more).
-The Stars of Galhossian
-[at least a few more]