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Thoughts about Old Lhomarr

by Geoff Gander

What work has been done on the current status, geography, artifacts, occupants, etc. of the sunken continent of Old Lhomarr? Can this be developed consistent with PC3 The Sea Peoples?

I've written some very rough information about it for the later editions of the Mystaran Almanac, but for all intents and purposes this is virgin territory. I like your idea of developing it in a style compatible with PC3. For what it's worth, here are my general thoughts about what would be there:

Old Lhomarr would basically be a large slab of submerged continental shelf, cracked and fissured in many places when it sank. The old mountain ranges are still there for the most part (and these are quite near the surface), but many deep chasms stretch across the landscape. Certain portions also did not sink as far as others, creating several escarpments measuring up to 1000 feet high. Overall, the terrain would have a lot of broken lands, with many active undersea volcanoes. The upper reaches (formerly barren mountain valleys) would have reefs and kelp forests. These would be sunlit, and at low tide one or more of the peaks actually emerge from the ocean. Merfolk of some kind would probably live here. A handful of mountain villages, temples, and other refuges are also located here, possibly encrusted with coral. The sands contain many treasures - things left behind by refugees, whose remains have long since vanished.

Many cities were completely destroyed in the sinking, but a surprising number are reasonably intact, if buried under many feet of mud from subsequent landslides. These would basically be dungeon complexes, and larger buildings (such as palaces, forts, and anything owned by a high-level mage) might have enough magical protection in them to have withstood the ravages of time (possibly even air). Lots of treasure and other goodies here, much of which is still guarded by ancient spells, constructs, and other things created by the Lhomarrians. The challenge would be getting it back to the surface. Complexes that were excavated in the mountains themselves (the Vaults of the Emperors, for example) would be intact.

Obviously there would be undead down here. Lots of undead. Many would be non-corporeal, as their bodies would have been destroyed - an opportunity to create some new undead critters. A variety of the velya could be found here, too. Due to their ancient war with the Carnifex, underseas servitors of the Outer Beings, like the hresha-rhak, may have established a few settlements here. There would probably be a few greater servitors here, too.