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Remnants of the Overlords Army left on Mystara

by Ripvanwormer

Regardless of how you feel about B3, the fanmade Adri Varma gazetteer has some races you could include as remnants of the Overlord's army: the Ungolwaith "sand folk" and the Stolari cactus people.

The original "Adri Varma" printing of B3 also has a few new monsters that were never used anywhere else, including in the later "Karameikos" version of B3, so I think it might make sense to include them as denizens of the Adri Varma plateau and possible remnants of the Overlord's army, including the hermaphroditic ubue and the otherworldly protectors.

The sand folk, Stolari, ubue, and protectors could all have been among the comparatively "friendly" races resettled in the Known World. You could just use those four, and that frees you from having to include 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition races in Mystara.

On the other hand, Dragonmage of Mystara was written in a deliberately vague way, making the following interpretations equally valid:

Other possible immigrants from the Overlord War: