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Underside (the, a.k.a. "Empire" of Omesro)

Location: Underside of the largest floating continent, in an equatorial orbit over the Hollow World. HW

Area: Approximately equivalent to that of the surface, i.e. 1,968,134 sq. mi. (5,097,465 sq. km.).

Population: No recognised permanent population.

Languages: None.

Coinage: None.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: None. Zandor views it as an imperial monarchy overseeing subject kingdoms, though.

Industries: None.

Important Figures: Zandor ("Emperor").

Flora and Fauna: Unknown.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: Furious that he has no subjects, Zandor sent out parties to explore the Underside and find him some subjects. They encountered Randel scouts, dwarven miners, and Limnese undead.

Description by Suru.

Exploration report for His Imperial Majesty's Empire of Omesro.

The Land

His Majesty Zandor's Empire of Omesro is suitably dark. Alphatia of the Dark is covered by a perpetual cloud of steam that prevents reflected light from reaching the surface of the Empire of Omesro. The hot steam cancels infravision in addition to normal vision, so that magical aid is required to behold the Empire of Omesro. The steam is hardly breathable and too hot for subjects who require to breathe and who require normal temperature to live, including most mortal subjects but not constructs or undead subjects. The gravity prevents from walking the surface the Empire of Omesro, so that travel is achieved by flying or by magical aid, or by walking caves and tunnels that exist below the surface of the Empire of Omesro. His Wise Majesty Zandor established the Palace of Izchnizoy upside down, hanging from the surface of Alphatia of the Dark.

The People

The Beloved Emperor Zandor's subjects are few in the dark Empire of Omesro. Most of His devoted servants were crafted by His skilled hands and animated by His unequalled magical talent. The Dark Emperor's golem creations and undead vassals serve Him faithfully. Mortal subjects from Alphatia come to Omesro where they promptly give allegiance to the Only Rightful Emperor of Alphatia.


His Highness Zandor, Emperor of Alphatia, laid claim to Alphatia of the Dark and became Emperor of Omesro.

Don't Miss

The Hanging Palace of Izchnizoy is the center of power of Alphatia of the Dark. The Grand Emperor Zandor resides in the uppermost level, to which faithful servants descend to obey the Dark Emperor's whims.

Do Miss

Walking the surface without flying powers or a reversed gravity, without breathing aid, and without protection from heat. Natural immunities and innate powers help.