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Campaign against Minrothad

by Alex Benson

Okay folks. I hope to be able to start posting the details of the Thyatian assault on the Minrothad Guilds. I know I promised it a few days back. Unfortunately, most of my free time has been eaten up. I have an MRI scheduled to be performed Monday so I will try to get the opening details in this weekend.

I will begin the detailing of the Invasion with an Order of Battle for the Minrothad and Thyatis Forces. This will include troop distribution and deployment.

If time allows I will include an in character discussion of the planned offensive by Eusebius with his Commanders and several Senators. I hope this will be not only informative (concerning Eusebius' strategy and motivations) but also entertaining. I hope you all take notice of the Eusebius' original plans and the ones that actually occur during the execution of the invasion.

Note -Some of the names that will appear in both the Order of Battle and Thyatian discussion will be unheard of by you. These names are of my own design and are used in my campaign. Units have to have commanders.