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by Marco Dalmonte

(Star Spirit)
Lord of all Neutral Dragons, The Star Dragon

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13th (Celestial), N, Matter
Symbol: a crown that resembles a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge opal set on the snake's head.
Portfolio: neutral dragons, lizardkin, vengeance, willpower
Worshipped in: Norwold, Wallara Tribelands, neutral draconic communities of Mystara
Appearance: a huge dragon whose scales are iridescent white with hundreds of pinpoints with the colours of the rainbow.
History: Opal was a jade dragon that lived in the heart of a great forest in the Davanian continent. Like all dragons, she fought against humans, monsters and humanoids in order to hold sway over a small region and began to hoard treasures in order to her power and to rule over her lesser kin. When the moment of the mating came, she chose a companion and hatched her eggs deep in her lair, slaughtering her mate afterwards. When the eggs broke and the small dragons opened their eyes to the world, they started demanding food and so Opal left her lair to hunt. Unfortunately during the combat with an elephant she seriously injured her wing and this prevented her from returning home immediately. After some days she recovered and flew back to her lair, but once there she discovered that her hatchlings had been slaughtered and her treasure stolen. Piecing together all the clues that the murders (men without doubt) had left behind, Opal began to study the magical arts fuelled by her thirst for vengeance and waited with patience until she mastered the spell to turn herself into a human. Then she set out to find the adventurers that had slain her breed carrying with her the little clues they had left. She wandered unnoticed through the land of men for twenty years and thanks to her magics and cunning she found all the murderers and killed them and all their families one after the other in cold blood, never allowing fury or passion to guide her heart or mind. This incredible quest and the indomitable will she showed attracted the attention of the Great One, that decided to test her to understand if she could become one of the Immortal Draconic Lords. Opal carried out all the tasks the Great One gave her and finally achieved immortality in the sphere of Matter around the VII century AC.
Personality: During her quest under human shape Opal met many humans, some of them she appreciated and others she loathed. However, all shared the same idea about dragons: they were monsters that had to be killed and to be robbed of their treasures. For this reason Opal nurtures a deep hatred towards humans, especially human adventurers, whom she considers a bunch of murderers and thieves. Opal is the Patroness of cold blood vengeance, of rational and cunning planning before acting, and has a deep liking for all those who survive family massacres. If called upon by these victims, she protects them and helps them in their quest for vengeance (even if they are humans!). Currently her cult is spread among dragons and lizardkin tribes.
Note: the draconic immortals (Sun, Moon and Star Dragon and the Great One) are replaced by other candidates when the previous ones die, so that position in the draconic pantheon is never vacant (otherwise the universal balance could be altered).
Patron: The Great One
Allies: The Great One
Enemies: Bemarris, Halav
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: any; Clerics must be Neutral
Favoured weapon: Natural weapons (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and any type of dagger)
Clerics' skills and powers: can cast Light spell (1st level) freely once per day, draconic language (free), bonus draconic language, +2 bonus to the general skill Dracology (not free)
D&D3E Stats:
Domains: Matter, Strength, Dragons, Vengeance, Will
Preferred weapon: Natural weapons (Bite or claw)
Sources: WotI, Master and Immortal set