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Orcish Steamtech Civilisation in Vulcania

by Sean Meaney

Enslaved Gnomish Scientists

Gnomish Technicians huddled around a great iron tractor with mounted cannon when General D'Boer entered the Bunker.
"How long before it fully operational? T' Kaisar wants results!" General Hurak D'Boer grasped Albert by the throat and slapped a second Gnomish technician to the ground.
"A month at least my lord!" Albert Wundersteam resisted the urge to struggle.
"Fool! You told me that a month ago! I want t' Steam Tank operational." The other technicians looked at the interrogation with concern.
"We go to war in less than a Year! If this is a failure like that Kaisarballoon project..."
"A month my lord! With the new enchanted fuelrod, the engine power is much improved."

"It better Be! Or you and your little family here will join t' rest of that Glitterlode-worshiping filth on their way to t' STEAM CHAMBERS!"

What are your thoughts on an Orcish Steamtech Civilisation in Vulcania? Something new and terrible to sweep across Davinia?