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Orzafeth, the Truth Revealed!!

by Geoff Gander

And now for a possible reason as to why Orzafeth was ruined:

In the final days of Orzafeth's majesty (it rivalled Shiell as the main city of Frisland, don't forget), its highest wizards sought to find a means to destroy the hated city of Shiell, and secure rulership of the semi-barbarous Alphatian Northlands once and for all. This was before the time of Alphatia's more recent consolidations - in fact, the north of Alphatia largely consisted of warring principalities and city-states for centuries after the Landfall, and only recently were the last of these errant nations brought to heel. Frisland was the very last of these "wild lands", only "pacified" in the year AY 1556. But I digress.

So the wizards of Orzafeth plotted and schemed, and in time they consulted dire books, books which no sane man should read, books which ought not to exist in a sane world. The wizards read of the wonders of decaying Astor-Tzat in the Sind Desert, of the crumbling pillars of Yath-Khe in the forgotten Desert of Izonda, and of a great power which caused the very world to tremble when all was young, 'ere the Men of Blackmoor first placed stone upon stone, and before the Men of Thonia pieced the first primitive syllables together in their mouths.

When these lands were still in their infancy, the realm of which the Orzafethians read has already drowned in forbidden seas in the depths of antiquity. There was but one word that stood out in those crumbling pages....


Before long the wizards had mastered the forgotten tongue of the inhuman denizens of the lost isle of Y'hegg-T'uhath, and of its greatest city, Y'hog. For months they practiced, beseeching upon forgotten deities and forbidden beasts for unholy power with which to crush their enemies and rule over all. Such would have come to pass, were it not for the ravages of time.

For in those fateful rites, the wizards had overlooked a faded drawing, that of a protective glyph, one of such power that even the fabled Akh'All the Unmentionable would not dare cross it in an hour of weakness. But it was for naught - the glyph was not drawn, and the wizards, and Orzafeth, were doomed.

That night, travellers far outside Orzafeth's bounds recounted tales of swirling maelstroms in the sky, of inhuman shrieks and wailings, and of the sound of stone sizzling, as though baked in a great heat. When all was done, Orzafeth was no more.

The successive rulers of Frisland knew something of the truth, but did not dare share what they knew, until the present day, when all have forgotten the details of that time, and so it was without much difficulty that the proclamation banning visitors from Orzafeth was passed.

And what lurks now within Orzafeth? I leave that to you...or perhaps some day something will arise once more. Who knows? ;-)