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The Clan Domain of Ostmanland

by Jacob Skytte

Ostmanland is probably the richest domain in all of the Kingdom of Ostland. It lies in the northern part of Kalslo Island, and consists of six hexes of clear land and four hexes of forest. The soil makes for good farmland, and there are also several fishing villages. There is a fair supply of lumber, but most wood is imported from other Kalslo domains or foreign merchants. Visitors of all nationalities are welcome here, and many foreign merchant ships visit the domain. Clan Ostmanland also adds to its wealth by raiding whatever nations aren't favoured trading partners.

Head of Domain: Jarl Thorir the Wealthy is the absolute ruler of Ostmanland. His great hall lies in the town of Ostmanhaven.

Population: There are 8000 people in Ostmanland. 2000 are thralls, 4400 are non-warrior freemen, and 1600 are warriors. 4000 people are armed and able to fight.


This town of 3000 inhabitants is unlike any other Ostland town. It is a rough trading and fishing port that contains seedy taverns, warehouses, and markets. Foreign merchant ships are always found in the port, trading for goods that are often plundered from their rivals by the Ostmanland clan. Cutpurses and muggers, some of them utilising the trained giant rats that are normally used to keep the regular rat population in check, plague the lower town and the port. The upper town contains clan halls of the Kalslo Island clans, all of dwarven craftsmanship, including the hall of jarl Thorir the Wealthy. This part of town is patrolled by small groups of heavily armed men, but local thugs never bother guests of jarls Thorir the Wealthy and Rollo the Cruel anyway. In the upper town are also found temples to Odin and Thor, and a magnificent temple to Frey and Freyja. There are no thralls in the town, though some can be found in personal households. The jarl fears that some foreigners might be put off by an open display of slavery. Thraldom thrives everywhere else in the domain, though.


The large clan hall of jarl Rollo the Cruel of Sognesholm also contains the secret headquarters of the local thieves' guild. Rollo controls most of the muggers and thieves of the town, and takes a cut (25%) of everything they earn. The punishment for double-crossing Rollo is severe, and freelancers are killed or chased out of town, so Rollo holds the guild in an iron grip. Jarl Thorir the Wealthy is well aware of this arrangement, and also profits from occasional free use of guild thieves for his own plots and agendas. Thorir always makes these arrangements through middlemen, such as Rollo, to avoid being too closely affiliated with the guild.

Thorir the Wealthy

Neutral 15th level Fighter (Str 12, Int 16, Wis 14, Dex 9, Con 10, Cha 18, AC -2, hp 59)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Reverent/Godless 7/13, Energetic/Lazy 14/6, Dogmatic/Open-minded 2/18

35 years old, Brown hair, Brown eyes

Thorir was born into competition. His entire life has been spent competing with his family members for position within the clan. He has become a master at manipulating others, letting them do his dirty work, while making them feel that he's doing them a favour. Other family members hold positions of authority, but they all bow to him as their leader. He plays them against each other, and at times sacrifices them as needed. He is not uncaring, just ambitious, and would like to see himself as the ruler of Ostland, eventually. King Hord has already uncovered some of his plots, and has punished those in charge (other family members, mostly) with exile or execution.

The town of Ostmanhaven is Thorir's personal domain, and he oversees it closely. He wants the best for its citizens in his own way, and uses the merchants, thieves, and godar to impose his view of law and order in the town. He pays lip service to all the Gods, but doesn't truly revere any of them. He controls the underworld through his cousin Rollo, but doesn't get involved with them personally. He raids various nations and shipping lanes, then sells the goods to their competitors. And he employs several magic-users (among them the infamous raider Oberack, known for his loyalty to the clan), some of whom are considered candidates for succeeding him. Thorir utilises all who come into contact with him. To him it's just a way of life.

The jarl is an accomplished swordsman, fighting with a sword+4; defending called "Skjold" (Shield), clad in banded mail+2, and carrying a shield+3; electricity called "Tordenkile" (Thunderbolt). He has several other magical items locked away in a secret treasury.

Thorir has a large family. His immediate family consists of his wife Gerloc Jorunnsdottir (32) and his children Isleif the Deep-Minded (17), Flosi Thorirson (14), Ingigred Gerlocsdottir (9), and Hallgerd Gerlocsdottir (3).

Gerloc (Lawful F2; Peaceful/Violent 13/7, Energetic/Lazy 14/6, Loyal/Unreliable 16/4) was a young warrior maiden, who was taken in by Thorir's wit and charm. She ended her fighting career, bore him children, and became his loyal wife. Gerloc does not care much for the intrigue at Ostmanhaven, but realises that it is necessary to keep her husband in power.

Isleif (Neutral MU3; Cautious/Rash 13/7, Reverent/Godless 7/13, Dogmatic/Open-minded 4/16) studies hard at the Uppsala College of Magic in Norrvik, Vestland. He will return to Ostmanhaven in a year, ready to serve at his father's side.

Flosi (Lawful Normal Man; Peaceful/Violent 15/5, Reverent/Godless 16/4, Loyal/Unreliable 15/5) is impressed by his "uncle," jarl Rognvald the Raven, and wishes to become a godi of Frey. He spends a lot of time at the local temple of Frey and Freyja, preparing for this calling.