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Ossian (Duchy of)

Location: Norwold, continent of Brun, on the shores of the gulf south of Alpha.

Area: 3,741 sq. mi. (9,689 sq. km.).

Population: 7,850.

Languages: Alphatian, Heldannic.

Coinage: Crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 30% income tax collected yearly.

Government Type: Duchy; bears allegiance to the Kingdom of Alpha.

Industries: Fishing, agriculture, hunting.

Important Figures: Black Duke (Duke, human, male, M20).

Flora and Fauna: Ossian is a great lowland valley nestled between the Ossian Bay and the Wyrmsteeth. Wild animals and monsters can be encountered in the southern regions, especially on the foothills of the Wyrmsteeth, while the north and central areas are safer and filled with farmlands and pastures. Woods on the eastern border provide small game, but wild beasts are also common in this region and hunters must be very careful.

Further Reading: CM1 Test of the Warlords.

No description this year. [Adik and Arcadius provided us with basic dominion information, but no insight-watch for more next year. Ed.]