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The Clan Domain of Osterlo

by Jacob Skytte

The domain of Osterlo takes up the entirety of Osterslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. This small island lies in the southeastern part of Ostland. It contains three clear hexes and two hexes of forested hills. The land is almost impossible to farm, and the small crops are regularly lost. Intense fishing and whaling takes place around Osterslo. The Osterlo clan are renowned seamen, who challenge the ocean in tiny open boats and bring home whatever they can catch, from small fish to sea serpents. Outsiders of any nationality are unwelcome in Osterslo, and will be attacked if they do not leave. If Osterlo clan members are forced to obey another, they do so wordlessly and scowling. The Osterlo clan are not usually raiders, though every few years they will band under a charismatic leader and follow him in a raid or two.

Head of Domain: Jarl Starkad the Hunter is considered ruler of the Osterlo clan. His great hall is the centre of the village of Saltshore.

Population: 1400 people are found in Osterlo. Only about 200 of these are thralls, 700 are non-warrior freemen, and 500 are warriors. 800 people carry arms and fight fiercely for themselves and their clansmen. The Osterlo clan values freedom, and most clan members find thraldom distasteful.


The centre of clan Osterlo, Saltshore is a large village (500 inhabitants). The village is named for the rocky shore with stones covered in white salt from water sprayed by the thundering waves. This layer of salt seems so thick that not even rainfall can wash it off. The tiny fishing boats of the village are pulled onto the rocks, when the fishermen are at home. Saltshore has no defences aside from the rocky shores that make landing a larger ship almost impossible, and its fearsome warriors. Since there is nothing in Saltshore but ramshackle houses, hostile people, and an overpowering stench of fish, no one would have any reason to invade it, anyway. The great hall of jarl Starkad the Hunter is a patchwork of stone, driftwood, and whalebone that lies close to the shores, overlooking the sea.

Starkad the Hunter

Neutral 14th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 9, Wis 5, Dex 14, Con 18, Cha 9, AC 5, hp 94)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 3/17, Modest/Proud 5/15, Peaceful/Violent 6/14, Courageous/Fearful 17/3, Energetic/Lazy 16/4, Trusting/Suspicious 5/15

46 years old, Long black hair and beard streaked with grey, Pale grey eyes with a mad glare

The Osterlo clan traditionally acknowledges their most competent seaman and hunter as jarl. For this reason Starkad Illugison is the current jarl of Osterlo. Like his father (and his father before him) Starkad is a magnificent but simple man, who has spent most of his life at sea, pulling strange creatures out of its depths, and bringing them home as trophies and food. Also like his father (and his father before him) Starkad will in all likelihood die at sea, swallowed by one of its creatures. In fact Starkad will probably end up as food for the terrible Storm Serpent, an almost legendary sea serpent of immense size that plagues the waters between Ostland and the Isle of Dawn.

Starkad first saw the Storm Serpent as a child, watching from the white shores, as his father battled it and was overcome and swallowed, forever lost to the salty embrace of the ocean. Starkad's entire life has been spent chasing the elusive Storm Serpent, and, if possible, he takes to the sea whenever storms are sighted in the hopes that he will meet and kill the beast. Starkad sails a small vessel with room for four people, and he always brings a giant steel hook for fishing. The jarl has little patience for actually ruling the domain, and since his "subjects" really aren't interested in having another man telling them what to do, they are satisfied with this.

When at sea or at official occasions, Starkad wears armour made of the hide of sea serpents (AC 6). It is very flexible and allows him to swim unhindered. His favourite weapon is a spear+3, called "Hvaldræber" (Whalebane) that he often throws at opponents. He also carries a dagger+2 at all times.

Starkad is married to Hlif Flat-Nose (43) and has three living children: Glum Starkadsson (14), Bork Starkadsson (10), and Asa Hlifsdottir (7). Other children have been lost to diseases and the sea.

Hlif (Lawful Normal Woman; Modest/Proud 17/3, Peaceful/Violent 18/2, Honest/Deceitful 15/5) is a simple woman, whose entire life has consisted of bearing and raising children, cleaning fish and other sea creatures, and worrying about her husband's safe return from the sea. She is entirely without ambition, and has no imagination whatsoever.

Glum (Neutral 1st level Fighter; Peaceful/Violent 6/14, Courageous/Fearful 14/6, Energetic/Lazy 15/5) is growing up to become just like his father (and his father before him): A strong but simple man, who spends most of his life at sea. He has had his own boat (constructed from the remains of his older brother's boat, after he was lost at sea) for two years now, and is starting to venture further out in search of prey.

The Storm Serpent

Huge Sea Dragon

Armour Class: -3

Hit Dice: 16****

Hit Points: 85

Move: 300' (100') (swimming or gliding)

Attacks: 1 bite or 1 spit

Damage: 3d8+8 or special

No. Appearing: Unique

Save As: F16

Morale: 10

Treasure: Hx3, Ix2

Intelligence: 15

Alignment: Chaotic

XP value: 7,350

The Storm Serpent is one of the rare Sea Dragons, and a huge one at that! Its true name is Zikandra, and it is a female Sea Dragon that has lived in the waters near Ostland and the western Isle of Dawn for many decades. She is a sickly green colour with a bright yellow-green crest. She is usually found in the depths of the ocean, near her lair in an old sunken Alphatian Man-o-War. Occasionally she surfaces with dramatic results. If the Storm Serpent comes within 300' of the surface, heavy clouds begin to gather above the water. When she emerges from the depths a powerful storm will accompany her, often a thunderstorm, though in freezing temperatures it will be a hailstorm. The storm is centred on the dragon, and has a diameter of approximately 24 miles. When above waters, the Storm Serpent can glide up to 20' above the surface, using her fin-like wings. This gliding can last no longer than 6 rounds before Zikandra has to re-enter the water.

The Storm Serpent does not involve herself with dragons above waters. She is a some times rival of Thundiara (see Who's Who Among Dragons, by Bruce A. Heard), but their realms are far apart, so they rarely come into contact. Zikandra preys on whales and the sea serpents that are her occasional servants.

In combat the Storm Dragon will use her powerful bite, or she can unleash a poisonous breath. Above water this will be a 30' diameter globe of poison with a range of 100'. Beneath the surface it takes the form of a poisonous "cloud", 50'x50'x30'. Any being caught in the poison must save vs. Dragon Breath or die in severe agony within 1d4 rounds. Even if the save is made, the creature will take half of Zikandra's current hit points in damage. This breath weapon can be used three times per day.

The Storm Serpent is highly intelligent, and she usually carries the following spells:

1st level: Charm Person (x2), Detect Magic, Magic Missile (x2)

2nd level: Detect Invisible, Entangle (x2), Web (x2)

3rd level: Create Air (x2), Haste, Hold Person

4th level: Charm Monster, Confusion, Growth of Plants

Beneath the sea, Zikandra can use Create Air to punish and kill her water-breathing servants. She is also fond of using Entangle (or other hold-type magics) to immobilise her opponents in seaweed, particularly after having cast Growth of Plants. She will often use her breath weapon on several immobilised, charmed, or confused opponents to affect as many creatures as possible.