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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron Law and Order, Patron of Sincerity and Loyalty
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 8th (Temporal), LG, Matter
Symbol: a triangle divided into three sections, each of which contains a different element: balance (bottom), sword (right) and book (left)
: order, justice, virtue, fidelity, loyalty, sincerity
Worshipped in: Davania (Brasol, Vulcania)
Appearance: a human of about sixty years, of imposing build and stature (1.95m by 110kg) but with rippling and toned muscles, jet black hair and black eyes and a tanned complexion, with his skin marked by the sun and the wind, who wears plate armour with his symbol painted on the chest and carries on his shoulder a broadsword.
History: after years spent fighting for his homeland, at the end of a long and victorious campaign against the Milenian enemies and the Simbasta of the Aryptian Basin, Paarkum, a noble paladin of Varellyan origin, sought the path for Immortality with the only aim of continuing to work to bring order to the world, feeling he must of serve Law for eternity. His sincerity and dedication affected his patron Maat so much, that she helped him in good degree in his journey, impressing on him the recovery of the Ivory Feather that was holy to her. The first incarnation of Paarkum as a priest brought him to serve a lawful church with renewed vigour, and after only two years succeeded to recover the artefact. The second incarnation as a thief instead gave him many more problems, because of the new style of life and of the tasks to which he wasn’t able to get used to. After four arduous years his research was completed, and one of his companions had been revived, a responsibility that Paarkum has alleged enhanced his reputation. In the incarnation as a mage Paarkum was amazed to discover the incredible powers and the knowledge to which the spellcasters have access. This time finding the Feather was a more difficult task than expected, since it was well guarded, but he finally succeeded in his intent. Returning to his homeland, he erected an obelisk in which were inscribed his deeds, from the engagements with evil beings to a list of lawful actions that have completed for bringing order where chaos reigns. Making this, he left to only adventure in the wild lands of the south of Davania, and at the end of an epic adventure in which he defeated an evil wizard on the path of Entropy, freeing the slaves and saving many innocents, he finally gaining Immortality in the Sphere of Matter in the I century AC.
Personality: Paarkum is the quintessence of legality and order, a person incapable of conceiving the existence that is not regulated by laws and codes of moral conduct. He doesn’t tolerate injustice, and he feels he must immediately revenge the wrongs suffered by the defenceless, preaching to his followers to respect justice and take order everywhere and at any cost. He is a fervent ally of Maat and has also become a friend of the Plasmatore, who was converted to good himself after having met Paarkum during his mortal existence, and of Finidel, who has welcomed him among the protectors of the region of Brasol.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Maat]
Allies: Maat, Plasmatore, Finidel
Enemies: any Entropic
Alignment of followers: Lawful or Neutral; clerics must be Lawful
Favourite weapon: broadsword (allowed all thrown weapons, the mace and morningstar)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Wisdom, +2 bonus to knowledge of codes and laws (not free), obliged to respect the Codex of Maat
Paladins’ skills and powers: lay on hands, free detect lies ability. Clerics of Paarkum cannot cast inverted spells.
Domains: Matter, Law, Good, Justice
Preferred weapon: broadsword
Source: IM2