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Inner Circle Gaz 3: Kingdom of Pakisagij

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 65,802 sq km

Population: 208,600 (80% humans, 20% rakastas)

Government Type: Kingdom. The king is the only responsible of government and military.
The land is divided in Baronies.

Important Figures: King Hallas Kleydon

Description: Pakisagij is the most populated of all the kingdoms of the Inner Circle. It is in central position, at the east of Einikushagi.
Along with the former, it is one of the richest. The soil is fertile, also because of the direct influence of two of the ten Devices.
Pakisagij is a land of farmers, dotted with villages, organized in rural districts who rule themselves and bow obedience to one of the Barons.
There are 6 baronies in Pakisagij, plus the Royal Territories, that are ruled directly by the king.
Paksha (pop. 41,000) is the biggest city of the Inner Circle, and is a centre of activities with no equal in Nentsun. It has two permanent markets, a gargantuan svlozzo arena (svlozzo is Nentsun's favourite sport) , and the biggest library of the region.
Deklin (pop. 11,000) is the capital of the barony of the same name. It is the only other city of importance in a densely populated kingdom, where most persons live in the country.