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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Arts and Talent, Master of Tactics
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 4 (Initiate), NG, Thought
Symbol: a golden apple
Portfolio: tactics, arts (music, theatre, painting, poetry and prose), passions, multi-talented characters
Worshipped in: Hollow World (Milenia), Known World (Thyatis), Skothar (Minaea)
Appearance: a handsome youth around his twenties with blond curly hair, a lithe and athletic figure that shows a healthy body, tanned skin and a beautiful visage always smiling with a shrewd light in his eyes. He usually wears a white linen sleeveless robe that covers him up to his thighs and dons a laurel crown on his head and a short bow on his shoulders.
LIKELY THEORY: Palson was born in the Milenian Empire inside the Hollow World around V century AC. Firstborn of a rich senator, he got a complete academic education ever since his youth and he attended both gymnasium and academy, living by the of ideal of "mens sana in corpore sano" (healthy mind in a healthy body) with excellent results. Later he joined the army and made a brilliant career thanks to his keen mind, comprehensive knowledge and love for tactics and strategy. However, his experience on the field got limited to a few mock battles, because he didn't like fighting and violence in itself. After ten years in the army he got an assignment inside the new founded Milenian Navy earning the title of Admiral in 420 AC. There were in fact high hopes that thanks to his skills the Milenian navy would finally prevail over the ever-victorious Traldar pirates. Two years later Palson's talent was really celebrated after the Battle of Corisa, where the Milenian Navy finally claimed its first and greatest triumph against the Traldar enemies thanks to the strategy prepared by Palson himself. Palson however never showed a great taste for skirmishes and battles and remained always quite aloof from the rest of the troops. He preferred to satisfy his needs indulging in the pleasures of flesh and mind, and this attitude made him a famous multi-talented artist as well as an irresistible and charming heartbreaker. It was his passion for tactics and strategy and his multiple victories on the battlefield that made the Milenian Navy a power to be reckoned with in the 20 years following his assignment to that position. And also because of these reasons he attracted the attention of Noumena, who started testing his skills year after year by putting him, his family and his nation in difficult situations to challenge him and prove his value. This way Palson embarked on the path of the Epic Hero reaching immortality in the VI century AC after unveiling a plan of Zargosians who were trying to unleash a plague of undead inside the empire.
Currently Palson is well known and worshipped mostly in the Milenian Empire, where he acts as patron of arts and tactics and he's followed by many scholars and artists. However he's trying to recruit new followers even on the surface world, especially in those cultures who are descendants of the ancient Milenians (he's got really small cults in Minaea and Thyatis).
Personality: Palson is a loyal ally of Noumena and often likes to play mind games and to solve logical puzzles with him, and he became a staunch supporter of Taroyas too (first emperor of Milenia), whom he respects greatly. Recently he got a special sympathy for Lokena too, admiring her bravery and cunning.
All in all Palson is a poet and hedonist at heart, and for this reason he often enjoys the company of the blind Tiresias (master bard and musician), the wild easygoing Faunus and especially the charming Kythria, who always soothe him and leads him in the most debauched of deeds.
Patron: Noumena
Allies: Noumena, Lokena, Taroyas, Tiresias, Faunus, Kythria
Enemies: none
Classic D&D stats:
Followers' Alignment : any; clerics must be Neutral or Lawful
Favourite weapons: short bow (allowed all one-handed bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers: bonus "Artistic Skill" skill, +2 bonus to "Military Tactics" skill
Spells: sonic wave (2), enchanted melody (5).
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Thought, Good, Music
Preferred weapon: short bow
Sources: IM2, WotI