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Pana and Alexander

by Mischa E Gelman

Sphere: Thought
Rank: Initiates


Pana was a Milenian, but not a traditional one. She went against the rules of her country, rare in the Hollow World, and took up arms to prove the ability of women. She joined up with the forces of Tarastia as a paladin-trainee. She even took disguise as a male, under the name Epichardas, when needed, in order to further the causes of her order. This disguise worked well for one of her stature, as she was basically thin and of average Milenian male height.

She was able to carry on the goals of her order in these ways, but she wanted to advance the cause of freedom in Milenia more. So she joined together several acquaintances, whom she had met mostly in disguise. She picked out Milenians who were not too biased and were somewhat open-minded for when she revealed her identity. But first she just revealed her goals: to further the cause of Tarastia in Milenia, and as a result to strengthen the country(which she did not hate, only its inequality).

The members of the group all joined Pana on several missions, which went well save for the death of one of their number, a sailor named Androus. It had been several months, on-and-off that they had been together and Pana realised she could hide her identity no longer.

While some of the group disapproved of a woman going against the country's rules and bearing arms, they decided she should not be turned over to the authority due to her value to the country.

Years later, Pana rose due to prominence in the Milenian branch of Tarastia. She, along with her companions, earned great recognition from Goraldion, high priest of Milenia, for their role in destroying a lich. Though the moment was saddened by the loss of Platas, a leader of the organisation, it was bolstered by the conversion of Alexander, who had fallen for both Pana and the ideals of Tarastia. Within the year, he proposed to Pana, now a paladin of Tarastia and was married to her as well.

With her new position in a key religious organisation, the Milenian army allowed her to go against the grain of the country and to be a warrior. The army even formed an alliance, along with the academy of magic and the priests of Halav and Petra, with Tarastian forces, to attack the Valley of Night.

This attack was the highlight of Alexander and Pana's career. While many brave soldiers of Tarastia and Milenia fell, the major evil force in Milenia was quieted by the attack, though not totally destroyed. After the raid, the rest of their companions left them. The griffon rider, Alexion, retired at age 63 after the death of his 30-yr griffon in the valley. The Milenian general with them, Kranos, left on what would be a futile task to immortality. Kranos, a mystic who had joined after Androus' death, also went on his way. The two paladins(Alexander having risen to the status with the valley of night raid) returned to Pana's home town of Phos.

Here they decided to create a testament to the greatness of Tarastia. They cleared out all manner of evil beings from the area, and with grudging acceptance from the local and state governments, helped write new, somewhat better laws to free slaves within 40 yrs and grant women near-equality.

The group, having forged a new area of good, were already on the path to immortality. They, along with their 12 new apprentices(including their oldest daughter, a 16-yr old cleric of Tarastia), decided to become the 1st people to attempt to immortality as a couple.

The other tasks took years, as they had to find two artifacts to restore justice and to maintain it in Phos, which was becoming a unique section of Milenia, almost separate altogether. They were required much more of any two testers to immortality would require separately, but they prevailed.


Now the two ex-paladins are still followers of Tarastia. They watch after the city of Phos, now independent from Milenia. Any goal of Tarastia's becomes theirs and their input has been very welcome by their patron. The two newcomers to immortality do not wish to rise above their one-time sponsor, and wish to follow her forever, but she wishes for them to create more of their own missions and goals so as to make the three an equal alliance for justice.

Symbol: Alexander and Pana's symbol is a short sword over a hangman's noose

Allies: Tarastia is still the major ally of these two initiates. Halav and Petra respect them for the duty to Milenia and their elimination of Zargos, but these immortals also dislike the revolutionary aspects of the Tarastia/Alexander/Pana agenda. Still, they are more ally than enemy.

Enemies: Zargos/Night is obviously their #1 opponent, though Jammudaru also dislikes them. Most of the "evil" deities of Milenia would tend to be their opposition-though some "good" and "neutral" deities dislike their interference with Phos.

Followers: None yet. The higher members of the Milenian Church of Tarastia all know of their immortality, as do many citizens of Phos. They are still too new though to establish their own faith and right now all followers of Tarastia are considered minor followers of theirs and are watched over by these two.

Stats: Pana Alexander

Alignment L L
Class(mortal form) Paladin level 36-neither is spell-casting
THAC0 2 2
Immortal THAC0 8 8
HD 15 15
HP Immortal 75 75
HP Mortal 91 95
AC Immortal 0 0
AC Mortal -7 -1
Armour Mortal Displacer Cloak Scale Mail equiv. Leather equiv.+2 RoP+3,+4 RoP+4,+4 Shield+3
Weapon Mortal GM w/ SSword+4 GM w/ Pike+2
6 Stats same for both forms:
STR 11 12
INT 6(drained from 10)10
WIS 8 15
DEX 10 9
CON 12 12
CHR 10 11
Talents(Greater)24 34
Talents(Lesser) 33 34
Walk 150'(both-immortal form)
Run 300' ( " - " " )
gas Form 720'(""")
Fly 360' (""")
Ht(mortal/immortal) and weight are same for both forms
Ht 5'5" 5'3"
Wt 130# 160#

Skills(as mortals):

Alexander: Military Tactics 13, Mysticism Tarastia 17, Discuss 12, Detect Deception 11, Caving 15, Military Cook 15,Danger Sense 16

Pana: Endurance 12, Intimidate 11, bargain 10, Deceive 10, Escape 10, Honour Tarastia 18, Muscle 11, Leadership 10

A-M 50% each

Aura-Alexander affects 1 w/ no change to save-Pana affects none w/ no change to save

Power 477 484

Also see the file on the Milenian Church of Tarastia of which Pana and Alexander are immortals of.