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by Almadjian

Panache allows characters to take advantage of flamboyant, swashbuckling, and adventuresome manoeuvres, moulding situations to their advantage. Use panache to do what may seem to be impossible and even accomplish it with style. Panache is measured with Panache Points, (PPs). PPs are an accumulation of heroic energy gathered by flamboyant individuals and expended, almost unconsciously, on their behalf. A character can accumulate a number of PPs equal to his current level plus his Charisma modifier. Characters must accumulate PPs by performing heroic and dangerous actions in a stylish manner. A Panache-using character does not approach a problem by thinking "How can I accomplish this task?" but, rather, "How can I accomplish this task and come out looking great?" If an action is performed in a flamboyant manner, PPs may be awarded to the character even if it fails. 1-2 PPs is a standard award for a flamboyant act in the middle of an adventure. PPs can later be spent to increase the chance a character has of accomplishing a task, or even to accomplish a seemingly impossible task with little effort. If a character spends 1 PP he gains a +1 (or +5%) bonus to whatever action he is currently performing. The action could be an attack, a check, a save, or even a one-round improvement to his AC. Virtually anything can be improved by Panache. A character may spend a number of PPs equal to his level on any one action. If a character spends PPs on an action, he receives no PP award for that action. Whenever a character spends even 1 PP he must describe, in detail, how his character is using Panache to accomplish his action, or that action will automatically fail. The DM can help to determine the feasibility of the task described by the player.

If a character runs out of PPs he can accumulate Gauche Points, (GPs) in exchange for the PPs he needs. For every GP a character takes he gets 1 PP. The maximum number of GPs a character can accumulate is always 10. GPs tie into the "trouble magnet" of the swashbuckling lifestyle. GPs are used by the DM at almost any time to make the character's life more difficult, or to introduce a "story twist". During an adventure the DM can tell a character who has accumulated GPs to mark one off and then give the player bad news. Whenever a GP is used, something bad or unexpected happens to the character. The DM can spend GPs in two different ways. The easiest way is to cancel out a successful action performed by the character, immediately after it is performed. 1 GP erased cancels one successful action. The character may try to perform the action again if circumstances allow, but the prior success is negated. The DM, however, is also constrained by the Panache rules. He must describe, in detail, how the action was negated. If a character spends PPs to succeed at an action or improve his chances, a GP may not be spent to cancel that success.