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The Gang from Pancho's

by Tristan Dunigan

Tucked away in the forests south of Costella, in the Barony of Almarrón, is Pancho's Cantina; home of the Barony famous "Pancho's Peppers".

The owner, Chepito "Pancho" Vincente is a retired trail-boss from Guadalante. He misses his days as a Gaucho, but likes the profit his little Cantina pulls in even more. His lasso and wheel-lock horse pistol is always within easy reach under the bar just in case a drunken customer starts trouble. Even though he's a respectable businessman now, he still dresses like he's getting ready to ride the range; spurred boots, wide brimmed hat, and leather for days.

Pancho was never much of a cook, so he convinced the cook who used to accompany the Gauchos in a Wagon, a Tortle named Lando, to come and cook for him instead.

Lando is a grump of an old Tortle, but can be quite personable if he wants to. He is credited with creating and growing the hottest pepper in the Savage Coast and perhaps the Known World and is now a Barony renown chef. Students come from as far away as Saragón to watch the Tortle work in the kitchen. Lando's razor sharp wit and his scorching sarcasm are his only weapons.

"Pancho" Vincente / Human / Male / 8th Lvl Fighter-Gaucho / STR:12 DEX:16 CON:13 WIS:13 INT:9 CHA:14 / Chaotic Good /

Lando / Tortle / Male / 7th Lvl Cleric-Local Hero / STR:10 DEX:8 CON:17 INT:13 WIS:16 CHA:12 / Neutral Good