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Heldannic Knights -- The Partisans

by Bruce Heard

The Partisans

This is an illegal sect among the Heldannic Order. It secretly harbours many indentured sergeants, priests, and knights. These are people who most likely have been victimised, presumably by members of the Fist of Hattias (qv). They have regrouped among this secret sect as a means to defend themselves against abuse in general, and the threat from the Hattian sect. It is generally a peaceful sect that tries to avoid fanning the fires of hatred among the Order whenever possible. Partisans have extensive links with Heldann and Norwold civilians such as tavern owners, shop keepers, farmers, fishermen, or trappers who can hide those of them whose lives are in danger. Some disenchanted members of the Order are using the Partisans' outside connections to leak potentially damaging information to various rebellious groups, such as the Wolves of Heldann. Some Partisans have infiltrated the Fist of Hattias or are also members of the Company of the Orb (qv).