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Mystara - Past and Future

Recently Bruce Heard posted some old files to help in the definition and future of Mystara.

The first of these is a Reference Guide to Mystara from within TSR dated June 1991. Whilst bits of the future presented therein are no longer viable given the last few D&D releases some are - and it's always fun to see what things were planned.

Mystara - Before and After is a file from within TSR dated '93-'94. This document was supposed to be part of a small "Guide to Mystara" to be used within TSR. Some of this is also no longer factual.

A Squid's Eye-View of Mystara is a copy of Polyhedron article designed to help introduce new people to Mystara

Mystara and 3rd Edition D&D. As the new edition of D&D comes closer the time to act is now - to make our whole world D&D/ the Known World/ the Hollow World/ Mystara/ the Savage Coast and beyond a part of this. Talking 3E for Mystara is a compilation of present thoughts about the situation by Bruce Heard, current as of 27 October 1999. The file contains thoughts on helping to present Mystara as a coherent game world in a manner that new players (and hopefully WotC staff) can see and take part in. The file also grabs together some thoughts for what makes Mystara a world worth playing in. Take part in the continuing discussions on the Mystara Mailing List and the Mystara Message Boards.