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Heldannic Knights -- The Pathfinders

by Bruce Heard

The Pathfinders: Created in AC 1015, this fellowship is affiliated to The Voice. It regroups the knights whose faith proves the most exalted. Pathfinders for the most part are paladins whose role is to expand Vanya's faith and values, based upon the original writings of Ledeia (see timeline AC 829). It is an informal and benevolent fellowship requiring Pathfinders to preach by example. Another one of their roles is specifically to watch for abuses of power and acts of wanton brutality against the weak and the poor. In particular, they watch for manifestations of Immortal power from Entropy (Thanatos) that may corrupt the land, its people, and the Order. For the most part, they are largely autonomous trouble-shooters in the Order who operate individually. Pathfinders remain a good example of Knights Errant. Whenever a problem is encountered, their mission is to show the way to solve a conflict. They are called the Pathfinders because it is thought that they will lead the Order to golden age. The fellowship is legitimate, and its members known to the public.