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by Marco Dalmonte

(Disappeared with Thalia inside the Dimensional Vortex)
Level, Alignment, Sphere: Hierarch, NG, Thought
Symbol: a white dove
Portfolio: peace, tolerance, love, forgiveness, light, good, purity, harmony
Followers' alignment: Lawful or Neutral
Likely History: Pax was one of the elder immortals who later became Hierarch of his sphere after Grammaton's disappearance. He was the most peaceful and benign immortal among the first ones, and he was revered by mortals as embodiment of good and light. He struck up with Thalia loving her dearly, and later chose to abandon the Multiverse together with her, looking for a new level of existence beyond the Vortex, just as Grammaton had done millennia before him, leaving Odin in charge of the sphere of Thought. Some elder immortals believe he returned secretly from the Barrier and ascended once again as Koryis, given the great similarity between the two characters.
Sources: M5