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Mystara Pseudobiblia

by Marco Dalmonte

Today I seem to be particularly inspired, so I'll propose another funny thing to enrich our beloved world: what about creating a Mystara Pseudobiblia, that's to say a list of fictional books and tomes to scatter around Mystara?

Looking at some old modules (M modules in particular), there are many of such tomes mentioned. This is the list I've made so far (not a comprehensive one, I think):

M5, Talons of Night

All Mine, by unknown: an unauthorised biography of Thincol I Torion;
Bigelo's Book of Legend, by Bigelo: a scientific and accurate study of the truth behind the most famous legends of the Old World;
History of the Known Lands (twenty volumes listed, probably forty or sixty in total): detailed history of the nations of the Known World;
Legends of a Thousand Lands, by Whandar of Garth: collection of Mystaran legends;
Mystic Canon (2 books listed): religious teachings of the Thothian mysticism (many references to spiders since they've been influenced by araneas);
Popular Theories of Outer Plane Geography, by Issek Khafre: dissertation on planar geography and laws and Outer Planes' descriptions;
Prophecies of St. Juilliard: prophecies about the future (St. Juilliard was probably a monk of the Church of Thyatis);
The People from the Void, by Geshepsut: a chronicle detailing the history of Alphatia and Thyatis from the Thothian point of view;
The Rise and Fall of the Dunadale Confederacy, by Corum E'liery: a treatise on the history of the Dunadale Confederacy;
Thothian Annals (five volumes listed, probably ten in total): detail the history of Thothia as the Thothians remember it;
Visitors from Beyond, by unknown: folklore about the origins of some civilisations of Mystara;

M3, Twilight Calling

Codex of the Planes (one volume listed, probably as many as twenty): description of Outer Planes' specifics;
Charms of the Green Realm, by Étienne d'Ambreville: description of the Green Realm, one of the Seven Realms;
Diary of a Time Traveller: exactly what the title explains, the diary of a Mystaran Chronomancer;
Dreams and Nightmares (1 volume listed): probably a personal diary about oniric experiences (could have been a novel was it not for the fact it's kept in volumes);
Encyclopaedia of the Bards: collection of poems and songs;
Essay on the Purpose of Life: hermetic ramblings on the meaning of life;
Exotic Interplanar Foods (23 tomes listed): list of interplanar foods and their tastes/properties;
Glantrian Arcane Code: cryptic sayings and predictions;
Life of a Castellan, by Hippolito de Belcadiz: ramblings on architecture kept in a diary;
Life of Prince Moriem: auto-biography of a mad wizard;
Lord McGregor's Teachings, by Brannart McGregor: teachings on the meaning of life engraved on skulls (27 skulls listed, probably a lot more..)
Lore of the Seven Realms, by Vanserie Vlaardoen IX: a general description of the Seven Realms;
Origins of Magic, by Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany: treatise on the nature of magic and a list of the darkest magical items;
Positive Thinking in Spell Research: a series of scrolls on the topic "magic" bound together and catalogued with four numbers and two letters for each scroll (ex: 3456-XZ);
The Lost Worlds, by Aitch G. Wails: probably a fantasy novel (look at the author's name..);
Thieves' Manual: advises to the perfect thief;
Tome on Halfling Philosophy: halfling sayings;
Tome on the Followers of Air, by Eriadna: treatise on air-based magics and the element of air;
Treasure Hunter's Guide, by Jaggar von Drachenfels: personal diary of Prince Jaggar's deeds, probably a novelised biography;
Treaty of Exploration, by Gunntarr Rolfsen: the personal diary of an explorer;
Unearthed Fantasia, by a Guild of Wizards: cryptic verses about the Outer Planes;
Wise Guide to Outer Planes Adventuring: a planewalker's compendium of wise sayings and good advises;