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Player's Guide to the Empire of Selhomarr

by Geoff Gander


"Hello and welcome, my friend! Please come in to my humble inn, for the rain falls hard today, and it would not do to catch cold on a day like this! So, I see you are new to our fair land, and do not know of our ways. Well, do not consider this a problem, traveller, for Selhomarr welcomes all who come to its shores in peace. I am Jia, daughter of Atlania, and I am the owner of the Golden Flagon, this fair inn in which you find yourself now.

"You have the look of a foreigner, though by your accent I do not know where you are from. It is no matter, though, for unlike other nations, Selhomarr does not hold itself above other peoples. That is not our way. It seems that you should learn first about where we came from in order to understand why we act the way we do. Here, have a cup of apple cider and sit yourself down, for the tale I am about to tell you is long in the telling. My people, the Lhomarrians, arose long, long ago, on another world..."