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Port Capacities by nation

by Bruce Heard

If you compare the ratings of the port per nation, here's the result:

Karameikos: 3,000 HP (okay, we knew they were naval wimps)

Darokin: 7,000 HP not including small river ports (better than I thought, although half of that is on Lake Amsorak)

Ylaruam: 7,500 HP (prior to losing their best port Tameronikas to Thyatis, else they'd be at 12,500 HP. The invasion proved disastrous to Ylaruam in this respect)

Soderfjord: 7,500 HP (could be higher if you count river towns higher up inland)

Ierendi: 8,000 (talking about lacking infrastructure!!!)

Ostland: 10,000 HP prior to its occupation by Vestland, HK, and Thyatis

Vestland: 10,000 HP (including Ostmanhaven, 2,000 HP)

Heldannic Order: 15,000 HP (including Vanya's Rest -- say another 5,000 HP, C1-III, and Port Svenson, 2,000 HP)

Five Shires: 17,000 HP (Here's some untapped political potential!)

Minrothad: 33,000 HP (second best after Thyatis)

Thyatis (metro): 67,500 HP
Thyatis Colonies: 26,000 HP (including Zeaburg)
Thyatis Total: about 95,000 HP
Pre-Wrath Alphatia: ??? It's gotta be truly gross overall! :o)