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Goblin Player Characters

by Jim Bobb

Prime Requisite: Strength
Other Requirements: None
Experience Bonus: +5% for Strength of 13-15, +10% for Strength of 16 or greater.
Weapon Skills: 2, +1 at levels 4, 8 and 12. One additional skill every 600,000XP beyond 12th level.
Other Skills: 4, +1 at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12. One additional skill every 600,000XP beyond 12th level.
Attack As: Normal Man/Fighter
Save As: Normal Man/Fighter
Armour Allowed: All types, Shields allowed
Weapons Allowed: All Small and Medium melee weapons, plus the Blowgun, Dart and Sling.

Ability Scores
Str: 2-16 (2d8)
Int: 3-13 (2d6+1)
Wis: 3-13 (2d6+1)
Dex: 3-18 (3d6)
Con: 3-17 (2d8+1)
Cha: 3-13 (2d6+1)

Racial Abilities and Restrictions
1) Goblins have a base AC of 9.
2) Goblins have a base movement rate of 9(3).
3) Infravision to a range of 90'.
4) -1 penalty to skill rolls and attack rolls in daylight.
5) 33% chance to Detect New Constructions in Stonework, Sloping Passages and Determine Depth Underground.
6) Starting Languages to choose from: Goblin (required), Common, Dwarf, Gnome, Hobgoblin, Kobold and Orc.
7) Goblins may use Fighter Manoeuvres at 1st level.
8) Goblins gain 4d4 loyal followers any time after reaching 3rd level, provided they have an established lair.
9) Goblins receive automatic half damage from breath weapons at 8th level. If a Saving Throw is allowed, the may attempt to save for one quarter damage.
10) Goblins gain access to Fighter Combat Options at 9th level. The Smash Attack cannot be used against creatures of size Large.
11) At 12th level Goblins gain an additional 5d4 followers, plus a follower to replace each that have been lost to the PC from the original 4d4. The character must have a lair.
12) At 12th level Goblins gain the ability to make 2 attacks per round, as the Fighter Combat Option.

Experience Chart

Level Experience Hit Dice THAC0 Save As
1 0 1d6 20 Normal Man
2 2,000 2d6 19 Fighter 1-3
3 4,000 3d6 19 Fighter 1-3
4 8,000 4d6 17 Fighter 4-6
5 16,000 5d6 Fighter 4-6
6 32,000 6d6 17 Fighter 4-6
7 64,000 7d6 15 Fighter 7-9
8 120,000 8d6 15 Fighter 7-9
9 300,000 9d6 15 Fighter 7-9
10* 600,000 9d6+1 13 Fighter 10-12
11* 900,000 9d6+2 13 Fighter 10-12
12* 1,200,000 9d6+3 13 Fighter 10-12
13*+ 1,500,000 9d6+4 11 Fighter 13-15
14*++ 1,800,000 9d6+5 11 Fighter 13-15

* No adjustments from Constitution are applied at this level.
+ This level can only be gained by the use of a Wish spell (RC p61) or by an Immortal using the Bestow spell (CotI p62) on the character.
++ This level can only be gained by an Immortal using a Bestow spell on the character.

Goblin PC Followers

Die Roll Follower Type
1 Bandit, Human
2-3 Bugbear
4 Doppelganger
5 Faerie (1+1 HD)
6 Faerie (2+2 HD)
7 Gnoll
8-12 Goblin
13-14 Goblin, Bodyguard
15 Goblin, Shaman (2nd-8th)
16 Goblin, Wokan (1st-6th)
17 Gremlin
18 Hobgoblin
19-20 Kobold

Followers will arrive within 1 month of the establishment of the lair carrying basic gear. The PC will have to provide for their care and upkeep after they arrive and swear their loyalty. No follower may be of a level or HD greater than the PC. Followers gain a +2 bonus to morale when fighting with their leader present or while defending their homes.