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New PC Race: The Thoul

by Andrew Theisen

Game Statistics (for D&D- I'll work out the AD&D in a later post)

Ability Modifiers: +1 Str, +1 Con, -1 Int, -1 Dex. Natural AC: 8

Level XP HD Paralysis; Regenerate
Youngster -6000 1d8 Save+4;1d2turns +1 hp/hour
Teenager -3000 2d8 Save+2; 1d4 t +1 hp/turn
Normal Monster 0 3d8 SaveNorm; 2d4t +1 hp/round
1 6000 4d8
2 18000 5d8
3 42000 -
4 90000 6d8
5 186000 7d8
6 378000 8d8
7 678000 -
8 978000 9d8
9 1278000 +2 hp

Each additional level (up to 36th) requires an additional 300,000 XP. 2 hit points are gained at each additional level (constitution bonuses no longer apply after 8th level, though).

Special Abilities

The Thoul has a natural regeneration ability, like the troll. Until reaching Normal Monster level, the regeneration ability is very slow. Unlike the troll, the Thoul's regeneration ability ceases to work upon death- in other words, once the Thoul hits 0 hp, he ceases to exist. No healing, save for magical means of resuscitation, will work.

Multiple Attacks- the Thoul can attack twice per round with its claws, if need be, doing 1d3 points of damage per attack.

Paralysis- The Thoul has the natural ability to cause paralysis with the merest touch of its skin to another. This ability grows slowly, as seen on the charts. At Youngster level, recipients gain a +4 to their saves to resist this ability, and its duration isn't as long as a normal ghouls. By normal monster level, this ability is similar to the ghoul. It can paralyse any creature of ogre size or smaller, save for elves, other thouls, and undead. As a side note, Thouls have proven immune to the paralysis of ghouls (and possibly other undead as well).

DMs Option: Thoul Shamans

As noted in the Rules Cyclopaedia, Thouls may have Shamans and Wokans among their ranks. An interesting option for PC Thouls is to allow them, alone among the ranks of the humanoid Shamans, to control Undead. This ability will be the equivalent of the Cleric's turning, but rather than turn undead, a number of undead equivalent to the turn roll will be under the Shaman's control. The rules for this ability otherwise follow the rules for undead lieges and pawns.