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New PC Race - Ungolwaith

by Steven B. Wilson

After looking at my notes, I realise that we had made the character for OD&D. However, with some thought, reworking and using both the Complete Book of Humanoids and the Complete Barbarian's Handbook, I managed to come up with this:


Height (inches) Weight (lbs) Starting Age
70 + 1d6 175 + 1d10 15 + 4d4

Ability Score Adjustment: The initial ability scores are modified by a +2 bonus to strength, and a -2 penalty to intelligence.

Ability Score Range

Ability Minimum Maximum
Str 12 19
Dex 10 17
Con 12 18
Int 3 16
Wis 3 16
Cha 3 16

Class Restrictions

Warrior Kit Source Max. Level
Tribal Defender Humanoid 12
Desert Rider Barbarian 12
Wilderness Protector Humanoid 10

Priest Kit Source Max. Level
Shaman Humanoid 7
Flamespeaker Barbarian 7

Hit Dice: Player character ungolwaith receive hit dice by class.

Alignment: Any Lawful.

Natural Armour Class

Age AC
0-39 7
40-74 6
75-111 5
112-149 4
150+ 3

Languages: The Talk (native), Elvish (Wendarian dialect)

Role-Playing Suggestions: Not only are ungolwaith non-human, they are not even a carbon-based lifeform. Therefore, their thinking is a little more different. They used to be very self-important and hostile (see DA3), but the years have humbled them and now they are a very spiritual, yet still somewhat aggressive, people.

Special Advantages: 2 attacks per round; bonus non-weapon proficiency: desert survival; can make themselves undetected in a desert setting, able to hide with a 90% chance of success.

Special Disadvantages: Cannot wear any armour better than AC 6 (most armour is camarilla hides worn by the younger members of the tribes); cannot eat the food of carbon-based lifeforms - therefore they must carry/prepare their own food taken from minerals in the ground (if preparing their own food, must have the cooking skill).

Monstrous Traits: -2 penalty on reaction checks due to appearance.

Common Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard sword, glaive, club, dagger, spear, axe, bola.

Common Non-weapon Proficiencies: Riding (camarilla), mountaineering, cooking, hiding, armourer (crude), foraging, weapon improvisation, weaponsmithing (crude).

Note: Most of the above skills were taking from the Complete Barbarian's Handbook