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And finally they met. Nine years after the fall of Alfheim, the old and the new ruler of Canolbarth forest, King Doriath and Princess Tanadaleyo finally met in Favaro to sign a peace agreement.

This was the first time that King Doriath left his exile in the cold Wendarian lands accepting to talk with his former enemies, the same elves that invaded his homeland after cursing the forest with some evil and still unknown magic. And it was this same magic that prompted the so-called Radiant Princess to try for peace again earlier this year when she sent a desperate message to King Doriath in Wendar. And thus the Favaro meeting was born.

The DDC arranged for the ancient Eastwind mansion in Favaro to host all the diplomats and a substantial number of bodyguards and the town itself was heavily guarded: no one could enter the town without being thoroughly questioned and searched. A few Alphatian mages were also hired to provide security against air and underground attacks by shadow elves.

Hopefully everything went quite well, except a couple of tavern brawls and a serious fight involving the town guards and a group of drunken dwarves that refused to being searched "for this silly elvish thing." But let's get to the point.

Princess Tanadaleyo didn't attend the talks, she came to Favaro only on Fyrmont 26 to sign the peace agreements, but otherwise left the diplomatic stuff to her advisors led by an old elf named Falanen. King Doriath was a bit annoyed by this, but he nevertheless decided to attend the peace talks.

The discussion was mainly focused on the current situation of Canolbarth forest: both sides agree on saving the forest, but no one is able to do it alone. Shadow elves asked for more Alfheim wizards to be sent to help Treekeeper Jorodrin Feadiel, in exchange Doriath asked the shadow elves to allow Alfheimers to settle back in Canolbarth before the end of this year. The point raised fierce opposition by the shadow elves and also some internal debate among them, anyway, after a whole week of tense discussion, the DDC managed to settle the contest and an agreement was found. Alfheim elves agreed to commit more mages to the saving of the forest, in exchange Shadow elves agreed to host a substantial number of Alfheimers, provided they come in small groups.

Another important agreement was the creation of a Trust Council, presided by King Doriath and Princess Tanadaleyo, that will carry on the peace talks and decide over the day to day arguments between shadow elves and Alfheim elves that may pop up in future.

According to the agreements Doriath will retain the title of King over the small Alfheim community in Aengmor, but his subjects will be subjected to shadow elf laws when inside Aengmor borders. Taxes paid by the Alfheimers will go to the Trust Council and will be used to rebuild the forest. Alfheim elves will have freedom of cult, provided they don't worship Immortals other than Rafiel in "open air."

This meeting is certainly one of the most important events that happened in the Old World in these last years. The final handshaking between the young King and the handsome Princess can be the first step toward a future cohabitation of both races in a healthy Canolbarth forest, but still several steps have to be taken before reaching a complete agreement. Many problems still have to be solved; the rebellious City of Aengmor in the north is not the least of them. Next year will be a crucial one to see if this area of the Old World will finally go back to the old peaceful days before the Great War.

John Watson