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Pearl Islands (Kingdom of the)

Location: south and east of Ochalea, south of the Alatian Islands, north of the Jungle Coast of Davania.
Area: 119,719 sq. mi.
Population: 100,000.
Languages: Nuari (believed to be a dialect of Tanagoro), Thyatian Common (Nuari dialect).
Coinage: None (they use barter), although Thyatian coins are mostly used for and by foreigners. Thyatian standard: Emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), and denarius (cp).
Taxes: none, people work freely to improve their nation when the king needs the help.
Government Type: Monarchy.
Industries: Pearl diving, jewellery making, and export of tropical fruits.
Important Figures: Nurokidu Nuar (King, human, male, T20).
Flora and Fauna: Mainly dominated by fruit-bearing tropical trees and hardy grasses. Animals include cattle and horse imported from Thyatis. Giant lizards (draco) are also common, as are many sea creatures in the surrounding waters.
Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed Set, AC1010 Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3.

Description: by Kalitoru Nuar

Ah, my homeland be de subject of this entry, and I be proud to give it to ye, mohn.

The Land

De Pearl Islands, as dey be called by Thyatians, are a series of islands found where de Sea of Dawn meets de Bellissarian Sea. Dere be five large islands and several hundred smaller ones usually not found on any map. De islands be volcanic in origin, an' a few be still active. De volcanic mountains can be seen on every island.

From de shores to de slopes of de mountains, tropical forests are everywhere. From these forests come all de wonderful fruits that will delight everyone's stomach. Not many animals be livin' in de woods, either. One only needs to watch out for de famous draco lizards. Streams collect the runoff waters from de mountains and bring them back down to de ocean.

Of the five major island, only Nuar is large enough to actually have rivers an' even a lake. Der be also many clearings that are dominated by grasslands. Dwair, Puir, Tuar, and Kuirhave have neither rivers or grasslands, and neither do all de other smaller islands.

The People

We, de Nuari as we call ourselves, are an energetic people who always strive to do de best we can, mohn. We be fierce fighters yet also great philosophers. We believe in individual excellence in everything we do, whether it be warfare, the arts, theology, or magic. Nowhere can ye find better sailors or scouts than here on the Pearl Islands.

It be believed that de Nuari are descendants of Tanagoro colonists from long ago. Ancient scrolls claim that we once be a matriarchal society, but now men an' women be treated equally. We have black skin, brown or black hair and eyes. Nuari are taller than de average Thyatian, but we also be leaner.

De Nuari believe that everyone is equal an' everyone has de potential to be great. We therefore be nice to everyone, an' expect de same in return. Upon meeting a stranger, Nuari present dem with a small gift, usually a pretty coloured shell or stone. De stranger be expected to return a similar gift before de day is over, an' to do otherwise be a sign of dislikin' de person.

One thin' that be shocking most visitor be our lack of concern for wearing clothing. We be born without clothes, so why should we be forced to wear dem at all times, mohn. It be strange how other cultures believe that not wearing clothes is unnatural. What could be natural than de way we be born?

Recent History

As with Ochalea, de Pearl Islands do not have much of a history to tell for de past few years. In AC 1007, we be declaring our independence from Thyatis, an' have held on to it since. Now, we be living peacefully on our own since then.

With de departure of de Thyatian Navy, de town of Seagirt be mostly abandoned now. De king be ruling from dere mainly because it be de sight of de palace, an' it be the only town with stone buildings an' a wall around it. Most of Seagirt's people have returned to livin' in simple villages like de rest of de Pearl Islanders.