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Peldrynn Saddle

by Alex Benson

Stats: Improves rider's Horsemanship by 50% (see below).

The Peldrynn Saddle imbues upon the rider and horse an psychological link. Both rider and horse have a calm mindset and a mental link is established. This allows the two to work together comfortably. Therefore any applicable rolls should be adjusted by 50% to reflect this.

Description: The Peldrynn Saddle is a simple riding saddle of tan leather, steel metalwork, and twine stitching. It has leather stirrups, and a wooden saddle horn. The saddle shows no signs of use.

Historic Lore: The Peldrynn Saddle was created by the mage Peldrynn for a recruit at the illustrious West Reach Military Academy. The cadet was from a prestigious family with a history of service within the Thyatian cavalry. The problem was that the recruit could not ride, being somewhat scared of horses.

The family could not have this and hired a mage to craft the saddle. The move worked, helping the cadet overcome his fears and learn the reigns of horsemanship. The family donated the saddle to the academy, where it has seen service with other problem cadets.

DMs Notes: In spite of its powers, the Peldrynn Saddle is used only on the students that are having difficulty to horsemanship. The academy will use the saddle for only as long as needed, desiring the cadet to develop natural horsemanship. The duration of the saddle's use never exceeds the cadet's first year.