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Pelltar and Galvan

by Lars Herrmann

Well, I think I could transfer one or two of my own created NPC into your setting but I think they would lose depth.

OK, let's give it a try:

A very interesting personality is Pelltar. He is a male mage and has loose ties to some magical libraries. He has a brother named Galvan. They are like both sides to a story. Though both search for knowledge and wisdom (think of the aspect of neutrality) Pelltar is the ruthless one whilst Galvan doesn't want to have knowledge at any price.

Perhaps there is a magic school in the vicinity and they both try to increase their influence on them. The position they take towards the council should be as advisers of different court-members. The most interesting way would be if those two members are "similar opposites" or at least kind of enemies.

Physical appearances:

Galvan is in his mid thirties (his looks). He has dark hair and a small face. His face is elven like but has not this "elven grace". He is well grown (6 feet) and quite muscular for a mage. Normally he is rather a listener than a speaker. His first move is to prove a situation analyse and react afterwards. All his actions are analytical and planned. If he speaks it is a low and deep voice but it is no grave cold one. The depth has something warm about it. Although he could perhaps hire PCs to acquire something for him he would never send them on a deathtrip.

Pelltar is quite different. He is loud, impulsive and eccentric. He has the same genius his brother (planning, analytical ability) has but he reacts more quickly and has a loose temper (=easy to anger). He is about 5 feet and something. His physics is not that impressive and is more like the one you expect from a mage. His warmth comes from the belly he has because he loves good meals. The most beloved "house help" is his female cook. An elderly lady he sometimes calls "Mum" (not really his mum).

In their struggle for knowledge it is inevitable that their interests collide. Although they can be quite tricky to outdo the brother (and/or his PC group) they would never take direct actions against each other.

Background: they both want to get as far as their father got as a mage but they both swore that they would never harm each other.