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by Alex Benson

Pemsky rests in a small bay north of Rardish. Its population of 2,200 lives and works in a picturesque coastal setting. Town life is slow paced and rather pleasant. Some might say that it is even a quiet community. With such a quiet atmosphere, many of Randel's wealthy families have established estates in Pemsky. Some come to the town to relax. Others come here for a bit of quiet solitude.

Pemsky has a small naval port. However, the majority of seagoing vessels are limited to small privately owned vessels. Most of these vessels are for fishing and recreational use.

Pemsky is ruled by Baroness Lagridia (M18). Her title is for the most part an empty one as Pemsky basically runs itself. The big benefit of being the Baroness is that it allows her to be a frequent guest of the formal balls and parties that are often held. Lagridia grew up in Pemsky. She never served in the military due to being the only heir to her mother. This worked out because her mother perished in a boating accident and Lagridia assumed the title when she was seventeen years old. Lagridia has a reputation as a flirt. However, she is not prone to engaging in casual affairs.


To be a "city" of Randel, Pemsky is an oddity, as it has no stationed regiment. Pemsky's defence and law enforcement comes from a mercenary force hired by the Baroness. The populace pays for this force by ways of a yearly fee. These mercenaries are part of Ippiks House in Dmiliburg. The mercenary force is rather small, only numbering 100. Ippiks House rotates the personnel regularly.

If invaded or otherwise threatened, 10-15% of the locals can be mobilised into a militia. The town maintains an arsenal to house weapons and armours for the militia. The militia organises monthly to practice. Additional defenders come from estate guards and their spellcasting employers.


Pemsky has few industries. Most businesses are established to support the general population. Winehouses, mercantile shops, a food market, and such can be found within the town. Here the majority of the items on an equipment list can be found. Given that they are produced elsewhere and brought in, the price is slightly higher.

The exception to the price hike is seafood. Pemsky has a number of fishermen and fishing boats. Anyone can walk down to the docks and purchase seafood straight off the boats. Though their catches are consumed locally, the prices are not inflated.

Most visitors have established estates. There are taverns with rooms for rent to those just passing through. Prices are double that of most high end taverns. Available rooms are difficult to find.

University Facilities

Pemsky hasn't any University sanctioned facilities. The town does have several resident mages who do teach apprentices. There are also fishermen who will take on students. Pemsky has a reputation for these student sailors going on to successful naval careers.

Notable Others

Living here in retirement is Commander Durgress (M36). A noted military commander, the people of Randel hold him in high regard. The reason for his notoriety is simple. He was the overall commander that led six regiments through the gates of Thyatis City in AY1960. Durgress is rather flattered to be held in such a high regard. However, the admiration is annoying at times, especially when he wants to be left alone.

Also living in Pemsky is the aging Orthendrig (F4). A retired navy man, he returned to Pemsky to carry on the family tradition of fishing. He is a simple man living a simple life. Well respected in Pemsky, his opinion carries a great deal of weight in any discussion. So respected is he, that even Baroness Lagridia calls upon him for advice. Orthendrig is one of those fishermen that take would be navy men as students. Currently, there are two of his students commanding sailing ships of the Randel Navy. There sixteen in lesser command roles.


Aside from being a fishing community, Pemsky is a peaceful retreat for the wealthy. It is a mixture of ordinary folk and some of the kingdom's most powerful people. The melding has been good. There is little strife between the two.

The wealthy are content to just relax and get away from the hectic day to day activities of rule, command, or business. In Pemsky they can relax. If they want flagrant entertainment then they go to Telsadun. If they want peace and quiet, they go to Pemsky.

No one in Pemsky wants any loud boisterous behaviour. Such activities disturb the tranquillity of the town. The townspeople will be greatly offended by any malcontents. Regular visitors, even those not directly affected by the disruption, will be enraged at being disturbed. In short, those causing a ruckus within Pemsky will find few allies.

DM Notes

Pemsky is extraordinary in that it is not extraordinary. Pemsky is a place where visitors can rest. To preserve that restful atmosphere, there is an unwritten law that everyone is to act in a courteous manner. This works well, as no one really wants any disturbances. People that frequent Pemsky spend a substantial amount of currency to stay there, whether at their own estates or in the taverns and rooming houses.