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by Brian Caraway

(Small Fortified Town of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos)

Who Rules: Lady Arteris Penhaligon (NG hf F9), who has ruled ably since her father's death in AC 996.

Who Really Rules: Duke Stefan Karameikos, to whom Lady Penhaligon has sworn fealty.

Population: Penhaligon is a small town boasting approximately 4,000 in permanent residence. As this town is a waystation on the Selenica-Kelvin-Specularum trading run, the population swells to about 6,500 at the height of summer trading season.

Major Products: Trade, furs, cloth (wool), coal (mined in the Wulfwolde Hills).

Armed Forces: Penhaligon is quite heavily garrisoned for its size (500 F1s in chainmail and shield, with longswords and clubs). Patrols of 14 walk the streets at all hours led by an F3 sergeant. Commanding the watch is Captain Arielle Tanill (NG hf F7).

Local Laws: None in addition to the Duke's Law.

Notable Mages:

Selina (LN hf W(Invoker)11); Selina is a competent, confident wizardess who hires herself out to those who "need a little more firepower". Her fees are just on the shy side of exorbitant, but she boasts that she is worth every gold piece.

Magnus Nelaine (CG hm W(Enchanter)13); a just-retired adventurer in his own right, Magnus makes his living by hiring himself out as a tutor and enchanting items.

Meranan Ravensmane (CG em W13); Meranan has recently moved here from Alfheim Town, and has quite an extensive library on a wide variety of topics and subjects. He does go off on adventures from time to time.

Notable Churches:

The Healer's Hall, temple to Mirrah; Master Healer Jenna Allinn (LG hf P11); 16 priests, 32 followers.

Shrines to: Beliaar, Heimdall, Koryis (seeking to become a church), Asterius (also seeking to become a church), Petra.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves Guilds: Aside from several independent rogues, several Iron Ring cells and bands of brigands of varying size operating in the surrounding hills, there are none known.

Equipment Shops: Full, partial in winter.

Adventurers' Quarters: There are a few boarding houses in Penhaligon, but most adventurers are directed to these inns;

The Merchant's Rest (good/expensive); Mostly merchants passing through town frequent this place, but adventurers who can afford their prices are welcome.

The Strongbow Inn (fair/cheap);

The Shadow Dragon (fair/moderate); This establishment is very popular with adventurers, and most of them passing through town gather here to eat, drink, rest, brawl, and hire themselves out.

The Angry Giant (excellent/moderate); This establishment is by far the best bargain out of those in town, but it is almost always booked solid.

Important Characters:

Sharrlaya Dancingblade (CG hf B6 [Blade kit]); Adventuress and local hero, when she is not on the road, she can be found in any one of the local establishments playing music, performing, singing, or telling tales of her journeys and exploits.

Keio Ohara (CG hegenyokai m F6 [Bushi Kit]); Lover and companion of Sharrlaya, wherever she goes he will be close by.

Important Features in Town: Penhaligon is a small yet rambling affair, with wide, paved earthen streets to accommodate the many trade caravans passing through. Most of the people are cordial to strangers, since so many of them pass through their town each year. It also has stout stone walls to keep those who would destroy it on the outside. Penhaligon and her sister town Stallanford act as waystations for traders and merchants on the Selenica-Kelvin-Specularum trade run, so business thrives for most of the year for both towns. Penhaligon does suffer its share of orc and gnoll raids, but is in no danger of falling.

Mistress Alicia's House of Pleasure: A bathing house, massage parlour and festhall, the House of Pleasure sports a reputation throughout Karameikos and points beyond. Mistress Alicia (CG hf P8 of Valerias) runs her establishment smoothly and efficiently, with indulgences for almost every taste. It is even rumoured that Lady Arteris Penhaligon herself frequents the place, although it would be secretly done if she did.

Local Lore: Lady Penhaligon has been told of several incursions against trade caravans by the Iron Ring and independent bands of brigands. She wishes to hire out adventuring parties to put these vicious louts in their place.

To the northeast of Penhaligon is Castellan Keep and the small town of Castellan. The town is almost constantly plagued by humanoids operating out of caves to the east, and the Keep cannot spare the soldiers needed to put them down, so the Captain of the Guard is looking for adventurers to take care of the problem (Module B2, The Keep on the Borderlands, or Return to the Keep on the Borderlands).