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Alter Personal Climate

by John Calvin

If the Carnifex were restricted by their habitat, then perhaps they would have developed various spells to allow them to venture further.

Alter Personal Climate:
With this spell the Carnifex could alter the environment directly around them (5 feet diameter). This was usually used to increase heat and humidity but other variations could be specified at casting time. This would negate any ill effects on the Carnifex brought on by a mild change of climate. The spell will not protect against harsh changes in climate (for example a creature comfortable in a desert climate could not use it to protect itself from an arctic snowstorm).

There could be area effect versions, as well as mass versions. The spell could also be incorporated into magical items (like rings or the carnifex equivalent) in order to provide a constant protection. In this way the carnifex could still explore the rest of their world. Perhaps they couldn't colonise it in force, but they might still be able to exert some kind of influence.