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More from Delivane: Personal Magics

by Carl Quaif

As opposed to previous items in this series, the following are personal, unique items that Delivane herself uses regularly:-

Guardian Ring:

This is a finger-ring, made of electrum, and bearing a minor enchantment which keeps it bright and shiny at all times. Delivane habitually wears it on her right hand. The Ring is inset with a dark opal of unusual beauty; those who peer closely at it for too long begin to see strange images in its depths.

The Guardian Ring is a powerful item, capable of summoning aid in battle; it may teleport any Constructs of Delivane's choosing from their places of rest to her location, one per round. Delivane currently has 5 Iron Golems, 10 Crystal Living Statues, 5 Caldron Magen, 3 Hutaakan Silver Living Statues, and one Mek linked to the Ring, for a total of 24; one shy of the Ring's maximum number of 25 links. Additional Constructs (to replace those destroyed in battle) may be linked to the Ring's circuit by use of the spell Delivane's Bondservant (see below).

The Ring may teleport its bonded servitors any distance, so long as both Ring and Construct are on the same Plane. Likewise, it cannot function if the Ring is trapped behind a protection from Evil spell or similar enchantment. It cannot return the Constructs it summons by the same route, unfortunately, so they must be shipped back by some other means, or left behind until summoned again. The Ring can only be linked to constructs which "belong" to its wearer - whether made by her or not - and once made, a link cannot be severed (to make room for another, perhaps better Construct) until the linked Construct is destroyed.

The Guardian Ring has no charges; the only limit to its power is that it cannot summon any one Construct more than once per week.

Tervine's Portable Staff of Wizardry:

This item was made and enchanted for Delivane by her fellow Wizard and one-time paramour, the Archmage Tervine Culver. It is a staff made of oak wood, coated in black lacquer and inlaid with numerous runes in gold leaf.

Tervine's Portable Staff - like most of Tervine's magical creations - was designed to be easily carried and/or concealed by the user. When the Staff is held in the hand and the command word "Erdevar" is spoken, it shrinks to just over 1" in height - about the size and thickness of a toothpick. In this form, the Staff may be concealed easily on the user's person - Delivane has been known to hide it in the lining of her undergarments in extremes, although its usual resting place is wedged sideways in her right ear. At this size, the Portable Staff's powers are not useable, with the exception of the Final Strike ability; fortunately, the Staff is as sturdy in this state as it is at full size, making it hard to break accidentally. When the miniature Staff is held in the hand and a second command word ("Silevar") is spoken, it returns to normal size and function. Each size-change takes 1 round.

The Portable Staff's size-changing abilities may be exercised up to twice per day in each direction, without the consumption of charges. Apart form this useful magical enhancement, it otherwise functions as a normal Staff of Wizardry.

Amulet of Psyche:

This is a crystal teardrop, hung from a gold necklace. The teardrop is of flawless quality. The item's simple beauty belies its immense power.

This Amulet has all the powers of an Amulet of Telepathy (from the Book of Marvellous Magic/Encyclopaedia Magica: as an Amulet of ESP, but able to project thoughts as well as receive) and a Ring of Telekinesis, with unlimited usage. in addition, the wearer may cast the following spells, once per day, by an act of will:- Detect Magic, Floating Disk, Levitate, and Charm Monster. The wearer must be careful, however, as the Amulet responds to her least stray thought; any of the above effects could be triggered without warning if the wearer expresses a desire that the Amulet can fulfil...

Due to the considerable discipline and clarity of thought required to properly utilise this item, the wearer must have an Intelligence of 18 and a Wisdom of 17 to operate it. Delivane acquired this item on an Outer Plane as a gift from her friend, the Exalted being Psyche, who was rumoured to be the once-mortal daughter of the Immortal Khoronus; it is one of her most treasured possessions, and she rarely takes it off.

Delivane's Bondservant
Level: 7
Range: touch
Duration: permanent
Effect: links two magical items
This high-level spell was specifically designed to link magical, animated Constructs to Delivane's Guardian's Ring; it causes a permanent link between the Construct and the Ring, allowing her to summon it at will via the Ring's teleportation power. However, Delivane has found that the spell can easily be adapted to bind living, magical creatures to specially-enchanted objects.

Before using this spell, a summoning object ("vessel") must be prepared. This can be a portable object of adornment, such as a ring or amulet; an item of artwork, such as a statue or vase; or some kind of large structure, such as an arch or obelisk. The only prerequisite for the vessel is that it must be of high (expensive) quality, suitable for enchantment. Next, a special variant of the Teleport Any Object spell must be cast upon the vessel, and sealed with an enhanced Permanency spell (such an item goes dormant on the Day of Dread, recovering its magic the day after). If an extra-Planar summons (Djinn, Efreet) is required, a modified Gate spell must likewise be cast and made Permanent.

Finally, the bonded creature must be chosen. This is usually a Construct of some description, as they cannot resist the Bondservant spell (unless they are specifically owned by someone else, in which case the enchantment fails). However, if a living being, such as the traditional Djinn, Efreet, or Elementals, is to be linked to the item, that being must be subdued in combat (in a similar fashion to a Dragon) so that they "belong" to the caster (note: while not precisely an Evil action, it is certainly not "Good" to enslave another living being). Once subdued, they are linked to the vessel by the Bondservant spell (saving throw applies).

Thereafter, each bonded being may be summoned by the vessel's holder a maximum of once per week. Constructs will serve until destroyed; living beings are permitted a saving throw to break the bonding at the end of each year of service. Extra-Planar beings may return to their point of origin after the specific service they are summoned for is complete, while beings teleported from elsewhere in the Prime must be returned by some other means, or left in their new location until summoned anew.

NB: Most vessels can bear no more that 2d6 links at any time; the Guardian Ring is the one exception to this rule.