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Petra, Community in the Borderlands

by Sean Meaney

Ruler: Gregor Radu (5th level Cleric of Church of Traladara)

Description: The Community of Petra sits twenty miles up the Cruth River from the Riverfork Keep. They enjoy some trade with merchants travelling between the Shires and Karameikos. They also enjoy times of considerable trouble (A Powerful Wizard came into the village with some Orcs on Horseback and killed the Bishop who was guiding the community and burned the Church of Traladara - Services now happen in the Alehouse every morning). Apart from the Local Cleric (Gregor Radu - Cousin to the Merchant guild family of Specularum), and the Lad who makes carved wooden Dolls (Hano the Mute: 3rd level Thief and spy for Black Eagle Barony) there are five families living here (The Jarnos - Farmers from Luln, The Petras - Refugees fleeing Kelvin who broke down and settled here back thirty years, The Anders - Wheelwrights from Darokin, The Hardigans - Escaped Slaves from Thyatis - originally from some place called The Isle of Dawn, and The Sulesca - Originally fishermen from Marilenev).

The Residences are all back from the River so they don't get washed away. The houses are backed by Large tracts of Farmed Land bounded by rocks to imply property boundaries and sit on a single spur road off the intersection where the Burned Church sits on the Road to the River. Across the "Road" to the River is the Alehouse/Smithy/Wheelwrights/Woodshed all owned by the Anders.

The Sulesca fish the river and offer a ferry service of sorts to the north side of the river in their boat (for a fee of 30cp).

Family in the Area
As an option to the character's origins, the PCs may select to be Family members of the families in the Local Community.

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Located in the southern part of the Western Borderlands of Karameikos, mostly this is a Strip of Land south of the Cruth River running between the Cruth River and The Five Shires/Achelos Woods to the Riverfork Keep. It is OK farming land with a cold fast flowing river cutting down its middle. There are Fish in the river, and the Rye grows best close to the river.

The Ruined Halfling Keep & The Bandit Caves
The Merchant Trail runs along the river to the Bridge at Riverfork (20 Miles) and turns at the Village up hill from the Cruth valley and heads into the Five Shires past Fire Rock (an old Halfling Ruin full of ghosts). There is another Community across the river and up a rift with sloping sides known as "Bandit Run". Sometimes travellers make the 20 mile trek from the Mining community of Radu's Quarry (a deceptive name since they mine gold and quarry stone) which sits at the upper end of the Bandit Run over a ridge on the River Magos, most don't make it - preferring the safety of Riverboats to and from Riverfork Keep. Rumour has it the bandits are hold up in caves overlooking Bandit Run though the precise location is uncertain (there are a few caves due to erosion).

Other Communities
Riverfork Keep is a Reasonable community dominated by the Fort. The Community in its shadow is a rough and tumble place where Soldiers do their drinking and fighting. You can probably get a lot of things here that are unavailable in the Community of Petra. There is a Riverboat that makes a weekly trip up river to Radu's Quarry. So there are Docks near which the ferry that takes Merchants and Travellers across to the West Bank also puts in. There is a Smelter located at the Keep (owned by the Radu Family) which smelts down gold ore once a year.

Radu's Quarry is a small Mining and Quarrying Community which is serviced by Riverboats from Riverfork Keep. The Gold Mine is run by the Radu Family. A Cousin (yes there do seem to be a lot of these Radu) runs the Gold Mine and Quarry. They have a Tavern, and Barracks for Workers and Privately employed Guards to keep an eye on everyone. There are Sheds near the River Docks where Stone is Stored and a Guild House where Gold Ore is stored until shipped each year (Emil Radu lives in a Room on the Upper floor - rooms are rented for a gold piece a night).

Orcs hunt in the Hills on the North side of the River Cruth
Achelos Woods are home to Dangerous creatures that live there (Cabbage farmers this side of the Ferry crossing at Riverfork Keep got attacked by Wolves - or is it Werewolves?).
The Five Shires is pretty much dominated by Halflings.

Encounter Lists

Wilderness North of Cruth River



Background: Originally The church had Mats covering its marble floors so when the church was destroyed by fire and the Senior Cleric butchered, the villagers decided to clean up the mess. Beneath the rubble they found all the hallmarks that their Bishop of the Church of Traladara had been a Demon Summoner.