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I like the new format. There is a ton of info to go through for the races that will help you refine things. For instance, elves from Minrothad are either Wood Elves or Water Elves, rather than there own special subrace. In general, I would deemphasize nationality in regards to races, and focus on subraces. See my attached examples from my old 3.5E conversion work to get idea: the subraces are distinct from one another but are not necessarily tied to nationality (also note there are other distinct differences crunch-wise, but I omitted for brevity).

Elves in Pathfinder

by Jamie Baty

Wood Elf
Favored Class: Wizard or Ranger (and Magus in Pathfinder).
Favored Classes for the various Wood Elf clans are as follows:
o Chossum (Alfheim): Favored class: Rogue
o Erendyl (Alfheim): Favored class: Sorcerer
o Feadiel (Alfheim): Favored class: Druid
o Grunalf (Alfheim): Favored class: Ranger
o Long Runner (Alfheim): Favored class: Wizard
o Mealidil (Alfheim): Favored class: Bard
o Red Arrow (Alfheim): Favored class: Fighter
o Belcadiz (Glantri): Favored class: Wizard or Fighter
o Erewen (Glantri): Favored class: Wizard
o Vyalia (Thyatis & Karameikos): Favored class: Wizard
o Callarii (Karameikos): Favored class: Sorceror and Fighter
o Shire-Layr (Alphatia): Favored class: Rogue
o Verdier (Minrothad): Favored class: Wizard

Aquarendi (Aquatic Elves)
Favored Class: Fighter

Shadow Elf
Favored Class: Wizard

Water Elf
Favored Class: Wizard

Similar arrangement could be done with the Dwarves as well.