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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Ambition and Power
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 23rd (Empyreal), CN, Energy
Symbol: a black whirlwind with florescent red forked lightning
Portfolio: magic, power, ambition, cleverness, dishonesty, deceit
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Ochalea, Midlands, various outer planes including Old Alphatia
Appearance: a human of average stature, with skin of an ashen pallor and veins that draw a blue spider web visible under the skin, his skull shaved and shining, a short black beard, hooked nose and violet eyes that constantly shine, wearing a gorgeous crimson-coloured tunic decorated with protective runes, with an enormous hood that he uses for to shade his face in theatrical manner, a belt of woven gold wires with precious gems, a pair of rods at the waist and a green crystal staff in his hand.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: known as Karandas on Old Alphatia, he was a mage who became extremely powerful following several betrayals and well devised plans for eliminating his rivals. After the destruction of his world, unlike the rest of his compatriots, he remained on an island drifting in space, succeeding to save himself thanks to his magic, and patiently reconstruct a small empire exploiting his magical knowledge and to tear down any risk that placed in doubt his decisions. Following numerous journeys completed in the other planes was to know of a way per attaining eternal life, and so began the path of the Paragon under the guide of Razud. After having created the famous Gammarian phase ship, trained his apprentices and stabilising the atmosphere in the Alphatian space creating a unique environment, he was therefore welcomed among the Immortals in 930 BC. Afterwards he was completely dedicated to accumulating other knowledge and new power for scaling the Hierarchy of Energy with every means, extending his influence also in the new Alphatian Empire on Mystara, even if he has always shown more interest for the outer planes and the other dimensions than for the Prime. Recently with the help of other Immortals (Mazikeen, Harrow and Hircismus) has scheduled a plan for destroying several Immortal candidates of Mystara and favouring others of the outer planes and of the Nightmare Dimension who he sponsors, in a way of augmenting his prestige in the Sphere, but had been unmasked after the forfeit of Mazikeen and was judged guilty by Ixion of acts against the Prime. For this he lost a level and it is only thanks to the efforts undertaken in the last decade he has returned to his previous level.
Personality: Pharamond is a social climber thirsty for power, an ambitious Immortal who lives to command and impose his own ideas on others (for this he prefers to surround himself with allied succubi that share his personality). He loves the power for the infinite possibilities of action that he gives, and his philosophy is that any means is legitimate for achieving his own ends, as well as deceit and brute force). The only one that has remained faithful to him among his former allies is Harrow, with who he continues to seek to bring among the Immortal ranks new candidates of Nightmare.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Razud]
Allies: Harrow
Enemies: Mazikeen
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Neutral or Chaotic
Favourite weapon: dagger (allowed all one-handed small weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Intelligence, +2 bonus to arcane magic, divine magic and alternative magic (not free)
Domains: Energy, Chaos, Magic, Deceit
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: IM3