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Philip Ramsey

by Giulio Caroletti

22nd Vatermont 979, Akorros, Republic of Darokin.
History: Philip Ramsey is the son of two commoners. He worked for years as an apprentice to a smith, and became soon an incredibly strong young man. When he was 16, he was noticed by an adventurer named Lothian, who asked him to join him if he knew a little about fighting. Ramsey had a little knowledge of fighting with the sword, so he joined without a thought the adventurer, as he was bored by his life as a smith. Lothian was a disciple of the Thyatian subversive Fabritius Luscinia, and he soon indoctrinated his young friend into hating the political institutions, State and society, and filled him with the desire to throw down the institutions. However, Lothian's job had been too good: disliking Lothian because he was affiliated with the Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan, Ramsey left, living thereafter free of any political bond, an anarchist uninterested in society. He earns his living by adventuring for those who has a need for him, especially aiding those who have problems with society, the lawless, and so on. Ramsey met Kull in AC 1001, soon after he had decided to become willingly a wereboar after having saved a small harmless community from adventurers who wanted to kill them and accuse them of thefts they had committed. He hasn't changed his living style since the encounter with Boar and the birth of 'Never the Same', and, like Hyatt, he has sometimes refused to participate to the group's missions. He doesn't have a home, and relies on his friends wherever he may roam.

Personality: Ramsey is a true chaotic neutral. He doesn't actively hates society, but he dislikes it and cannot comprehend how people can live under bonds that really doesn't exist, like he did in his youth as a smith apprentice. His quest in life is to help people who live outside society to defend themselves from it, and eventually to bring the downfall of some parts of society. Ramsey is a friend of Kull and Hyatt, but doesn't like Buzby's involvement with organized subversive organisations, nor Weston's ideals.

Appearance: Ramsey is really a giant boar: he is nearly two meters tall, a little overweight, but incredibly strong. He has short blonde hair, blonde beard and green eyes. He seems a very savage man, always wandering around with adventuring clothes, uncaring if he is in the city or the wilderness. He likes drinking and eating, and is very fond of women's company, whether they are whores or girls who are captured by his savage, powerful and a little "animal" look (and they are not few- he has a lot of girlfriends in different towns of Darokin and Karameikos!).

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Wereboar 3rd - Fighter 13th.
Str 18, Int 12, Wis 11, Dx 8, Con 16, Cha 11 Alignment: Chaotic neutral.