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Pickman's Model

by Mike Harvey

>So, which D&D race already extant is closest to "Pickman's model" (the model, not the story), anyway?

Well, IIRC the model was a tunnelling intelligent ghoul-dog which was large and blasphemously evil (of course). My initial thoughts would be wererat or werewolf, or possibly a ghoul variant. Nothing really seems like a close fit though.

Here is a suggestion, sort of a combined werewolf/ghoul except that it doesn't shapechange. Any comments or suggestions?

Pickman's Model

Armour Class 4
Hit Dice 4**
Move 180 (60)
Attacks 2 claws/1 bite
Damage 1d4/1d4/2d6
No Appearing 1d4 (1d8)
Save As F5
Morale 10
Treasure Type B
Intelligence 12
Alignment Chaotic
XP Value 175
SD - Only hit by magic or silver; immune to sleep and charm SA - Attack paralyses for 1d6 rounds (save vs Paralysis) Can be turned by a cleric like a Wraith. Cannot stand direct sunlight (1 point of damage per round).

These creatures eat flesh, whether living or dead. They are evilly intelligent and delight in torture and slaughter. Normally they live in a network of tunnels beneath a city; the maze-like network will have many exits and usually connects to a graveyard. The creatures only come out at night to kidnap victims for their bloody rituals and moonlight feasts. They exude an aura of evil and dread which causes temporary paralysation in their victims. If both claw attacks hit, the creature automatically bites!