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Pipes of the Banshee

by Tristan Dunigan

Pipes of the Banshee (useable by Druids and Bards)

Created by the Druids of Robrenn, these musical instruments, resembling bagpipes, have been extremely helpful in keeping the Orcs and Goblin tribes from invading their Kingdom.

When played, instead of music, a wail or keen, exactly like that of a Banshee, comes from the pipes, causing any creature within 30 feet to have to make an immediate saving throw vs. death magic. Failure of this saving throw means death. Making the save does not save one from harm however. If the saving throw is made, the victim takes 1d8 points of damage as if they had been touched by a banshee. If used at night, the normal activity cycle of a banshee, the effects of the pipes are doubled.

The drawback, just like a Banshee, the pipes can only be used once daily. Any attempt to use the pipes more than once results in the pipes becoming broken. The pipes then are unplayable until a REAL banshee can be defeated and its spirit bound to the pipes.