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Miscellaneous Magical Items

by Christopher Cherrington

Barnaby's Pipe of Wondrous Intent

This simple pipe is actually styled on an Atruaghin's tomahawk, complete with hatchet head and feathers rumoured to be from rocs and phoenixes; but on close inspection, it can be made out as an imitation and is most likely made by Barnaby the Hin's request. The pipe radiates magic, and can be used against creatures needing magic to hit them, but it does not confer any bonuses to hit and damage. The pipe's primary purpose is to make its user a great and renowned hero. If the user smokes this pipe in the presence of any bard, while performing in front of a crowd, the bard needs to make a Will save with a DC of 10 plus any and all ranks the bard and the smoker has in performance. If the save is failed; the bard will instantly recognise the smoker, and give the performance of a lifetime (add any of the smokers ranks in performance as bonuses to the bard's). The bard will even try to influence the reactions of the crowd to be favourable to the smoker. The story the bard tells is of the last adventure that the smoker has had ownership of the pipe, and has had the pipe within his possession. The only drawback to the story is that the smoker is the hero of the day, and nothing tells of any mistakes that may or may not have been made. The story will also be embellished, if the smoker had to fight off an attack of kobold bandits, the fight was in defence of a town and there were hundreds of kobolds and orcs. Any other member of the smoker's party will only be made out as henchmen or servants, and if any of them had a heroic moment in the adventure, it will be the smoker's doing and not that of any other party member's doing. If the save is made by the bard, he will only feel some sort of awe towards the smoker, and may be inquisitive to his actions. If the bard confronts the smoker, the smoker needs to make a Will save at the same DC that the bard had. If failed, the smoker will tell the tale at the same influence that the bard would have, in an attempt to influence the bard; but cannot influence the reactions the crowd, unless he is a bard also. In this event if the bard is influenced, he will then believe the story as told, and will spread the tale around as necessary. If the bard is not influenced, he may still repeat the story as a good tale. Of course any party member that hears the story will most likely be influenced in a negative manner towards the smoker.

Mouth of Mim

This simple gold necklace has an animated brass and silver relief of a noble face about 4 inches diameter upon it. It radiates magic when detect magic is cast, and is intelligent and talks. (INT 22) Although not much is known about Mim, he claims to be a noble of some distant land, and is very useful as a negotiator, haggler, storyteller, and interpreter. He is also a very good mimic and can talk just like the user, and anyone else that is in hearing distance of Mim (120 feet). Another unique talent of Mim, is that he has the natural ability of ventriloquism and can magically make the lips move on anyone he is throwing his voice at. What Mim does not tell any user is that he is a crafted prankster and has ESP of 120 feet range. This enables Mim to seek embarrassing thoughts or moments and bring them up in a very interesting or amusing way. Mim will not do these at all times, and may even gain the loyalty and trust of the user before showing off any of his guarded talents; possibly exploring the proper moment to really pull off a big prank. If Mim is threatened by injury or possible relocation to solitude, Mim will cast Mass Charm to avoid the punishment and try to get away to another possible host to prank on or with.