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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Piridan was born 41 cycles ago, the son of two non-descript Jennite tribesman. When he was 10, both of his parents were slain by a Milenian force on its way east to Nithia. He grew up with revenge on his heart, and at age 17, travelled alone into Milenian territory, to try to set things right. Before he could cause any trouble, he was captured by a Milenian slaver troop. Since that time, he has toiled as one of Milenia's many slaves, helping maintain the nation's roads, as part of a work crew.

Personality: Piridan's yearning for revenge has only grown brighter in his time in captivity, but he has learned the patience to keep it hidden till opportunity arises. He has waited 24 cycles and he will gladly wait 24 more, if that is when his chance will come. He knows he cannot return to the life of a Jennite tribesman, due to his long absence, and this only causes greater hatred for the Milenians. He is not close to his fellow slaves, but does chat with the other Jennites and will listen to the Kleonites. While he supports their cause, he doesn't do so overtly, as he knows it could just lead to more trouble. Despite his troubles, he has not lost faith in Tarastia, and offers his prayers when he can. He is, also, needless to say, a very humourless individual.

Appearance: Piridan wears a typical Jennite tunic, in bad repair, tattered in many places. Unlike other Jennites and Milenian slaves, he scorns jewellery, or anything else that would weigh him down. He stands 5'10" and is in good shape, especially given the physical nature of his work. He would be handsome by Jennite standards if he were dressed with clothes in better condition. He has a dragon tattoo on the left side of his back.

Combat Notes: He is a 2nd-level fighter. AC 9; hp 12; at 0; D 0; save F2; ML 9; Al NG; S 14, I 8, W 12, D 11, Co 13, Ch 13. Languages: Jennite, Neathar, Neutral, Milenian. General Skills: Riding (D), Survival (Plains) (I), Labour (Roadwork) (I)

DM Notes: Piridan could serve as an example to moral Milenians (*especially* Tarastia worshippers) of the flaws of their country's social system. He could escape (on his own or with other slaves), leading to a capture or kill mission for PCs. He could join the Kleonites and become a key member in the revolution. A Jennite party could seek to rescue one of their own from bondage, as could a Kleonite (or Kleonite sympathiser) party. PCs could serve as guards for the slave crew, either befriending one of their charges (and freeing him?) or having to quell an insurrection he led. Perhaps Piridan left a heart-broken lass on the plains, who now is seeking revenge of her own, or intending to rescue her former love (after receiving news of his captivity). The possibilities are very broad, and a DM can use the char however they wish.